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June 2002
Vol. 5, No. 6, pp 42–43.
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Microwave systemMicrowave system. This open-vessel unit offers temperature feedback control, automated reagent addition, and the flexibility to process up to six samples using different programmable methods. The system incorporates one miniaturized reagent pump for every reagent on every cell, which eliminates cross-contamination of reagents. This unit also evaporates digested samples to dryness for redissolution with nitric acid to aid in further analysis.
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Titration systemTitration system. The basic unit consists of a single measuring interface and can be extended to form a supertitrator that controls up to 12 berets and 6 galvanically separated measuring interfaces. The system can be operated via PC or touch screen, where the appearance of each is practically identical. It controls rights of access using log-in and passwords, and can be programmed to remind users about validation or service work that is due. The system has a direct LAN connection, is 21 CFR 11 compliant, and uses a PC data card.
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Software. Scientific Data Management System version 5.2 is a platform that provides immediate online access to data, accelerating the electronic submissions process, allowing for accurate and safe documentation of patents, and shortening product time-to-market.
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Horseradish peroxidase detection. Chemiluminescent and colorimetric kits provide high sensitivity and react directly on the protein-immobilized membrane. The chemiluminescent kit detects down to 0.03 ng and is compatible with either film or chemiluminescent imagers. The colorimetric kit detects down to 0.15 ng and does not require film or a darkroom.
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Scanning system. The FMBIO III is a multimode, laser-based instrument capable of storage for phosphor or fluorescence detection. The system produces high-resolution, multicolor, multiplexed images for a wide range of applications, including genotyping, differential display, human identification, SDS PAGE, agarose gel, microarrays, and ELISA. It is compatible with a wide variety of gel, membrane, microplate, and microarray-based techniques, and has a scan area of 55 × 40 cm.
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Scanning System
Assay Workstation
Focused microwave synthesis
Valve system
Assay workstation. This unit is based on a liquid-handling platform and features capacities designed for secondary screening and ADME/Tox laboratories. It allows complete automation of ELISAs and homogeneous biological assays.
Beckman Coulter
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Literature. The “Fetal Bovine Serum” brochure is available free-of-charge online at www.invitrogen.com or as a hard copy by mail. It provides information on Invitrogen’s serum collection and processing methods, serum-variation-reducing programs and services, and rigid quality control tests.
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Focused microwave synthesis. This system improves yields and increases reaction rates 10–1000 times, completing reactions in minutes that previously took hours or days. Its self-tuning circular cavity allows microwaves multiple entry points, which ensures that the samples receive an optimum amount of energy. The system also provides pressure and temperature control while offering the capability to perform atmospheric and closed-vessel work.
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Cell culture. In its simplest form, OptiCell is composed of a hermetically sealed, sterile chamber formed by two thin parallel, gas-permeable, transparent membranes sealed onto a microwell plate-sized plastic frame. The film surfaces are treated to maintain a hydrophilic level optimal for the growth of mammalian anchorage-dependent cells. It is accessible through self-sealing ports that provide an integrated, sterile fluid path to the chamber interior. Cells can be grown attached to one or both surfaces, or in suspension.
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Website. The Biodefense Portfolio site was created in response to the increased need to sample, test, and identify potential bioterrorist agents, as well as the need to increase production of antibiotics and vaccines to treat and prevent disease. Located at http://bd.com/biodefense, the website is a user-friendly resource for clinical, industrial, and public health laboratories.
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Valve system. This buffer blending tool expands the capabilities of Bio-Rad’s DuoFlow chromatography system into methods development and other bioseparations work. It is an add-on component that fits under the workstation to enable automated on-line blending of buffers for pH scouting experiments. This tool doubles the flow rate of the existing system to 80 mL/min for use with larger columns.
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Spectrophotometers. These units feature an optimum signal-to-noise ratio, short measuring times, low detection limits, and minimum warm-up time, together with powerful control and analysis software and an extensive range of accessories. Both instruments are true scanning double-beam systems for the simultaneous measurement of reference and sample in the spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm. Single-wavelength and multiwavelength measurements, as well as step mode, are also standard with the basic equipment. The systems permit samples to be scanned from the long-wave to the short-wave range at scanning speeds of 30–6000 nm.
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Software. This product provides high throughput and accuracy by using an enhanced process-component-based quality value system. The software substantially minimizes data examination efforts by reliably filtering problematic data and automatically pinpointing the origins of genotyping failure.
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