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June 2002
Vol. 5, No. 6, p 45.
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DDT 2002

This year’s annual Drug Discovery Technology (DDT) Conference is being held August 4-9 in Boston. Sponsored by Modern Drug Discovery, Science, Drug Discovery Today, and Biotechniques, DDT is the world’s leading conference and exposition to provide information about the newest drug discovery technologies and applications. It will cover the entire drug discovery process, from the initial identification of lead compounds through lead optimization and preclinical development. More than 100 speakers plan to discuss how they are implementing new technologies and techniques in actual drug discovery research projects.
Major topics of Drug Discovery Technology 2002 include
  • Genomics and target validation
  • Proteomics and protein technologies
  • Biochips and microarrays
  • New chemistry technologies
  • Lead identification and optimization
  • Structure-based drug design
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • High-content screening and assay development
  • Reducing compound attrition
  • Genomics in drug development
  • Case histories
  • From hits to leads
  • Predictive models and in silico techniques
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Chemical genomics
  • Data mining and data visualization

DDT 2002 will introduce a new forum, the Start-Up Showcase, to allow start-up and emerging companies to present their business plans and new drug discovery technologies to possible partners, investors, and others in business development.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to go to other new sessions with topics including science, business, and information technology, as well as more than 100 scientific sessions.

DDT has confirmed the following keynote speakers:

  • Jan Leschly, chair and CEO of Care Capital LLC;
  • Christopher T. Walsh, Hamilton Kuhn professor, Harvard University; and
  • Allen David Roses, senior vice president for genetics research, Glaxo SmithKline.

Short courses
Scheduled short courses will run concurrently on Thursday, August 8, and are sponsored by ACS and IBC. The short courses sponsored by ACS include Drug Discovery Using Molecular Biology Techniques To Find Drug Targets, The Role of Toxicology in Drug Discovery, and Integrating ADME/Tox and High-Throughput Synthesis Strategies for Drug Discovery. The short courses sponsored by IBC include Fluorescence Assay Technologies, Pharmacokinetics in Preclinical Research and Drug Product Development, Research-Driven Project Management for Drug Discovery Projects, and Data Mining and Data Visualization in Drug Discovery.

To register for DDT 2002, contact:

    IBC USA Conferences
    One Research Dr., Ste. 400A
    Westborough, MA 01581
    fax 508-616-5522

DDT. Aug. 2–7, Montreal (514-398-3770; fax 514-398-4854; hplc2002@mcgill.ca).

ASM Fall 2002. Aug. 18–22, Salt Lake City, UT (202-737-3600; www.asm.org).

ACS Prospectives (CombiChem). Sept. 22–25, Orlando (505-989-4517; fax 505-989-1073; www.asms.org).

TIGR. Oct. 2–5, Boston (301-610-5959; fax 301-838-0229; www.tigr.org/conf/gsac/main.htm).

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