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July 2002 From Concept to Development
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Volume 5, Issue 7
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Genome’s ark (215 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Genetic repositories preserve unique genotypes, allowing the study of complex interactions and behaviors—a must for intelligent drug design.



Content in Context
Rush to judgment (38 KB)
by James F. Ryan

News in Brief (143 KB)
The splice(s) of life • Magic bullet targets cancer • Mayo Clinic and IBM to launch database • Screening drugs for staying power • Nasal insulin absorption • Purple grape juice quenches cancer? • Huffing dangers • Toddler toilet training

The Tool Box
Managing chemical genetics data (113 KB)
by Randall King and Jack Elands
Harvard scientists use an informatics and infrastructure tool to translate chemical assay data for biologists.

Clinical Trials Track
Searching for the placebo effect
(87 KB)
by Cullen T. Vogelson
Researchers often claim positive patient responses to “sugar pills”, but are the responses real?

Matters of Money
Limiting liability for a small business
(119 KB)
by Dickinson J. Miller
Also: Plan ahead for business continuation.


From Our Readers
Letters to the editor
(63 KB)

Eakins and the art of scienceThe Time Line
Eakins and the art of science
(124 KB)
by Scott Neitzke
The most famous American Realist painter used photography and the theater of the clinic as backdrops for portraying 19th-century medicine.

Sites and Software
The molecular world in 3D
(91 KB)
by Hank Simon
Computer graphics are essential for many scientists, but there are many different file formats.

Ready to Read (81 KB)
The Misunderstood Gene
Nature's Robots: A History of Proteins

On the Calendar (42 KB)
ACS ProSpectives on combinatorial chemistry

New Product Notes (116 KB)

Diseases and Disorder
Alopecia areata
(90 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis


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