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November 2002 From Concept to Development
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Volume 5, Issue 11
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HTS: Seeking signals through the noise (524 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Signal transduction proteins help regulate everything from individual enzymes to cell differentiation to cancerous growth. Among the most studied of these signaling proteins are the GPCRs (G-protein coupled receptors). They include a number of the most important drug targets known; in fact, more than half of the drugs on the market target GPCRs. Researchers are working to optimize high-throughput screening methods for the study of these protein targets.

Nutraceuticals move in (274 KB)
by Christen L. Brownlee
Interspersed among the familiar medicine-cabinet array of over-the-counter pain medicines, cough syrups, and prescription drugs are newcomers such as green tea capsules, garlic tablets, fish oil concentrates, and ginkgo biloba. These supplements, as well as vitamins, protein powders, and a whole range of “functional foods”, fall into the category of nutraceuticals—a gray area of FDA regulation.


Content in Context
I, Robot
(39 KB)
by James F. Ryan

From Our Readers (87 KB)
•Pro-vaccine view
•Pondering placebos
•Generic defense
•Marijuana message

News in Brief
Permeability assays (317 KB)
PPh patients live longer
Piggybacking for extended drug life (59 KB)
Virtual library screening
Fishing for embryo émigrés (79 KB)
In sickness and in health
Aptamer apt for prion? (140 KB)
Delete gene, avoid fat

For Your Health
More than a headache
(125 KB)
by Julie L. McDowell
The little-understood migraine afflicts 28 million Americans, mostly women.

Rules and Regulators
Phony pharm
(85 KB)
by Charles W. Schmidt
Counterfeit products are challenging the ability of the FDA and others to ensure safe and effective drugs.


The Tool Box
Taking the biomolecular pulse
(244 KB)
by John T. Thornton
Researchers are using atomic force microscopy to study drug interactions, cell biology, and disease mechanisms.

The Time Line
(228 KB)
by Christopher S. W. Koehler
For centuries, physicians and pharmacists vied for the right to define and compile drugs.

Matters of Money
Are you right on the money to retire?
(132 KB)
by Milton Zall
Readiness surveys show many workers underestimate longevity.

Ready to Read
Biomedicine and Alternative Healing Systems in America: Issues of Class, Race, Ethnicity, & Gender
(136 KB)
Reviewed by Richard A. Pizzi

On the Calendar
American Society for Cell Biology
(89 KB)

New Product Notes (386 KB)

Diseases and Disorders
(123 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis


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