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December 2002 From Concept to Development
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Volume 5, Issue 12
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From hits to leads: Focusing the eyes of medicinal chemistry (983 KB)
by Roger Crossley
Despite almost exponentially increasing R&D expenditures over the last decade, the number of new drugs coming onto the market has stubbornly stalled. Now drug developers are exploring the possibility of using simpler fragments to generate hits. Medicinal chemists can elaborate the simpler fragments by adding weight and complexity, and still keep within Lipinski limits, thus arriving at the final drugs with high potency and selectivity. NMR or X-ray techniques provide important extra guidance as to how to optimize simple fragments.

Sticking with affinity chromatography (446 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Researchers often must spin an affinity “web” in hopes of capturing new molecules and new targets to feed the insatiable maw of drug discovery. Using the right affinity web, only the most delectable pharmaceutical specimens are trapped. Chromatography beads or membrane sheets can be made sticky like a web for molecular capture using a variety of media—metals or enzymes, receptors or ligands, as specific forms of ionic glue.


Content in Context
To Your New Year
(221 KB)
by James F. Ryan

News in Brief (215 KB)
White matter matters • Pregnancy hormone treats MS • Cancer prognostication • After-sun application? • Viral evolution • Spit tobacco trial • Vancomycin dimer: What D, L? • Protecting Parkinson’s patients

ClinicalTrials Track
Victory for Vitrase?
(140 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Clinical trials of this prospective drug for retinopathy created a roller-coaster effect on the maker’s stock price.

Patents and Property
No prize for being second
(124 KB)
by Herbert D. Hart III and Wilhelm L. Rao
An introduction to U.S. patent interference practice.


The Tool Box
Protecting your image
(202 KB)
by Michael Cosgrove
Choosing the right informatics system will ensure that all of your data is in the picture.

Sites and Software
Optimizing assays for automated platforms
(156 KB)
by Paul B. Taylor
Experimental design and automation accelerate the development of drug assays.

New Product Notes (165 KB)

Diseases and Disorders
Chronic fatigue syndrome
(222 KB)
by Julie L. McDowell


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