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August 2003 From Concept to Development
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Volume 6, Issue 8
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NMR on target (176 KB)
by Daniel Sem, Hugo Villar, and Mark Kelly
Chemical proteomics will play a vital role in target identification, for both basic and applied studies. Although studies are beginning to extend to whole organisms using fluorescence microscopy and molecular imaging, there is now growing hope that nuclear magnetic resonance might someday provide us with the most comprehensive, noninvasive, and holistic picture of proteome-wide interactions with ligands.

NMR on target

Fluorescent protein biosensors (184 KB)
by Kenneth A. Giuliano, Yih-Tai Chen,
and Jeffrey R. Haskins
The living cell, with its amazing integrative abilities of environmental detection, molecular signal amplification and processing, and repertoire of genome-level responses to perturbation, is providing the knowledge-building framework from which a new vision of drug discovery is being built. As part of this vision, high-content screening has been created as a platform for measuring the temporal and spatial responses of cells to drug and biological treatments.

Fluorescent protein biosensors

Gearing up for speedy relief (101 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
From bioinformatics to automated synthesis and analysis, improved instrumentation and robotic chemistry move drug discovery and development into quick time.

Gearing up for speedy relief


Content in Context
The new fluoridation? (33 KB)
by James F. Ryan

News in Brief (117 KB)
Automated knockouts • Triton trick • Estrogen and arthritis • Breast cancer marker? • Adlay allays • Greenhouse drug discovery • Just a hint of sugar • Meds Management

Molds and maladiesThe Time Line
Molds and maladies (80 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Though fungi have always plagued human health, they were not recognized until the 19th century; only in the 20th were scientific means to fight back found.

Applications NoteBook
Pharmacological profiling
(295 KB)
by Véronique Timmermans
Researchers are using cell-based secondary screening to address questions of drug efficacy.

The Business Page
Patents and property
(56 KB)
by David Filmore
DNA array patents point to the technique’s entry into maturity.


The Tool Box
Pharma ex machina
(118 KB)
by Konstantin V. Balakin
Target-specific informational content of combinatorial libraries can be enhanced using advanced machine learning.

When the pills run outRules and Regulators
When the pills run out
(74 KB)
by Cullen T. Vogelson
FDA unit takes action if drug shortages involve “medical necessity”.

On the Calendar
ACS eyes the Big Apple
(757 KB)
Presidential events in New York include a joint JACS/C&EN anniversary celebration.

The Word Puzzle
First come, first served (55 KB)
Solution (html)
by Mark S. Lesney

Ready to Read (55 KB)
The Road to Stockholm: Nobel Prizes, Science, and Scientists
Reviewed by Julie L. McDowell

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorder
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
(56 KB)
by Kimberly S. Cleaves