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September 2003 From Concept to Development
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Volume 6, Issue 9
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Drawing out drugs (168 KB)
by Nancy Ogihara
Computational scientists use quantitative structure-activity analysis (QSAR) to analyze large sets of candidate drug molecules. Sophisticated descriptors have been developed to characterize the three-dimensional geometry and chemistry of small molecules. In rational drug design, QSAR can also be used to select the best candidate molecules from large compound libraries, reducing testing time and costs.

Drawing out drugs

Keeping an (infrared) eye out (256 KB)
by David Filmore
Near-IR spectroscopy, encouraged by the process analytical technology initiative, is helping pharma move toward on-line monitoring of drug manufacturing. Such automated, noninvasive techniques provide process status feedback in real time, are effective for solid analytes, and can be performed using fiber optics.

Keeping an (infrared) eye out


Content in Context
Spare me, HAL (30 KB)
by James F. Ryan

From Our Readers (40 KB)
Seeking inspiration • Code-cracking credit • MS-ing information?

News in Brief (106 KB)
Intuition precedes computation • Combichem QC • GIP and glucose • What do the dimers do? • Protein patterning • Bacterial drug delivery • Talking AIDS and alternatives • Anti-asthma antibody

The question of painFor Your Health
The question of pain (69 KB)
by David Bradley
Are more and better drugs the only way to relieve suffering?

Sites and Software
Learning for larger scales (76 KB)
by David Filmore
Combinatorial neural networks provide a new strategy for intelligent library development.


Matters of moneyThe Business Page
Matters of money
(53 KB)
by Jennifer Dahlgren
Thinking outside the box about marketing

The Tool Box
A capillary idea
(87 KB)
by Kevin Altria
Advances in instrumentation have expanded the scope of CE applications.

On the Calendar
Sequencing in Savannah
(53 KB)

The Word Puzzle
Measures for maladies (37 KB)
Solution (html)
by Mark S. Lesney

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorder
Antiphospholipid syndrome
(94 KB)
by Randall C. Willis