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November 2003 From Concept to Development
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Volume 6, Issue 11
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Moving with BioMEMS (161 KB)
by Nancy K. McGuire
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are part of the "smart" materials revolution; BioMEMS mimic biological systems, using the materials themselves as both sensors and actuators. A host of small companies has sprung up to put these sensor–actuator systems to work, sequencing DNA using labs-on-chips, developing disposable diagnostic devices for use in clinical settings, and injecting drug substances into living cells.

Moving with BioMEMS

CD simplicity (159 KB)
by Michael J. Felton
Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices can be complex and difficult to implement. Plastic disks that resemble a compact disc may provide a simple alternative to LOCs. Such systems pump fluid using centrifugal force that is generated when the disc spins, eliminating the need for internal moving parts and voltage potentials like those needed for LOCs.

CD simplicity

HIV therapy—out of balance (84 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
The quest for HIV therapeutics requires a difficult balance, with cost of medicines and support staff, ease of delivery, coping with strain resistance to antivirals, and sociopolitical problems all playing a part.

HIV therapy— out of balance


Content in Context
Minirevolutions (31 KB)
by James F. Ryan

News in Brief (193 KB)
Viral nanosensor • Liquid assets • The glycan can • Ramped-up screening • Fewer pills with prodrugs? • Microbicide trials • Inducible gene vectors • NC biotech from tobacco funds

For Your Health
Are your shots current? (83 KB)
by Linda Richards
Immunity from vaccinations can fade, meaning it may be time for a booster.

A jaundice viewThe Time Line
A jaundice view (83 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Recognizing the etiology of hepatitis and developing viral vaccines are 20th-century innovations.

Sites and Software
The discovery gridiron (80 KB)
by Chris Crafford
Researchers are relying on system sharing for high-performance computing.

The Business Page
Patents and property
(63 KB)
by Donald J. Featherstone and
Jorge A. Goldstein
Court holds that importing data is not patent infringement.


Arrays of possibilitiesThe Tool Box
Arrays of possibilities
(80 KB)
by Ralph Martel
To automate genomic analysis, researchers are sliding from glass to multiwell plates.

Clinical Trials Track
RECIST is not futile
(62 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Establishing optimal start and stop criteria is critical in solid-tumor trials.

The Word Puzzle
19th 'til now (37 KB) | Solution (html)
by Mark S. Lesney

Biology by the BayOn the Calendar
Biology by the Bay
(61 KB)
The annual ASCB meeting returns to San Francisco.

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorders
(82 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis