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December 2003 From Concept to Development
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Volume 6, Issue 12
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The cellular solution (384 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
The vast majority of biopharmaceuticals are produced through bacterial fermentation. But more and more, the use of eukaryotic cell systems, including yeast and mammalian cells, is seen as the most likely method to ensure routine production of the most complex biomolecules in specific architectures that will make them immediately useful for pharmaceutical needs.

The cellular solution

Aiming at apoptosis (84 KB)
by Randall C. Willis and Mark S. Lesney
Cells die by the millions to perform a myriad of necessary functions; but with apoptosis, cells do not make the decision to die willy-nilly by themselves. They receive the message to “commit suicide”—not as a voluntary act but as the ultimate surrender to metabolic peer pressure from the cells around them. If the message to die could be made more persuasive, the theory goes, then many cancers could be vanquished.

Special apoptosis poster:
Web-viewable - download (156 KB)
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Aiming at Apoptosis

Uppsala: The biotech heart of Sweden (276 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis
Sweden is the fourth largest biotech nation in Europe; Uppsala, nicknamed “the world’s most biotech-intense city,” is located 50 miles northwest of Stockholm. Uppsala started in biotech in the 1940s with one lone pharmacy, known then as Pharmacia.

Uppsala: The biotech heart of Sweden


Content in Context
Greetings and felicitations! (72 KB)
by James F. Ryan

From Our Readers (53 KB)
Bullet points • Pain palliatives • Significant statistics • Unsung aspirin hero • Verbal variants

News in Brief (134 KB)
Pinning a label • Animal-on-a-chip • Polymorphs in parallel • The soy matrix • Reducing mom-to-baby HIV transmission • Earlier is better, for MS • Biotech business • Natural products aMASSed

The Time Line
Yellow jack (98 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
From the Panama Canal to Philadelphia, yellow fever has brought tropical death on mosquitoes’ wings.

Applications NoteBook
Fingerprinting the unusual suspects (77 KB)
by David Bradley
Chemoproteomic techniques might help drug investigators tie biological knowledge to chemistry.

The Business Page
Matters of Money
(54 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis
Drug companies’ advertising on the Web is increasing steadily.


The Tool Box
Pictures, puzzles, and patches
(129 KB)
by Andrzej Cholewinski
Researchers are using digital montage systems to clarify image analysis.

Rules and Regulators
Protecting privacy
(116 KB)
by Cullen T. Vogelson
HIPAA’s Privacy Rule safeguards personal medical information while allowing research to continue.

The Word Puzzle
Medicinal miscellany (37 KB) | Solution (html)
by Mark S. Lesney

Ready to Read
The Deadly Truth: A History of Disease in America
(57 KB)
Reviewed by Julie McDowell

On the Calendar
Separations on a microscale
(62 KB)
Salzburg is the venue for HPLC 2004.

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorders
(55 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis