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February 2004 From Concept to Development
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Volume 7, Issue 2
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Looking for quality (267 KB)
by Bing Yan
Three key parameters characterizing the quality of a synthetic product are its identity, purity, and yield. In traditional organic synthesis, identity is obtained primarily by NMR spectroscopy, purity by elemental analysis, and yield by the weight of the purified compound. However, compound characterization has undergone a dramatic shift in the move from traditional methods to high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis.

Looking for quality

Infection detection (374 KB)
by Randall C. Willis
The two big challenges to large-scale testing of microbiological samples are time and sensitivity. Whereas traditional techniques can take days to weeks, depending on the organism, molecular methods can cut this time to hours or minutes.

Infection detection

The innate defense (104 KB)
by Jeffrey Bacha, Oreola Donini, Ken Lee, and Monisha Scott
The innate immune response, which keeps random microbes from becoming infectious agents, is marshaled immediately after infection. By understanding its mechanisms, it should be possible to identify new medicines that selectively upregulate this infection-clearing defense.

The innate defense


Content in Context
Things in small packages (32 KB)
by Ann M. Thayer

From Our Readers (62 KB)
Diverse fingerprints • Terminate the term? • Give nature its due

News in Brief (169 KB)
Ecstasy • Herpes and Alzheimer’s links • Guiding pharmacogenomics • Image in that • Protein probes • Vaccine contract • Ultimate water repellent • Targeting HIV with cyclic peptides

The Business Page (56 KB)
Marketplace, deals, and people

Matters of Money
The price is right?
(56 KB)
by Randall C. Willis
For pharmaceuticals, it’s not just the costs, it’s the market.

Sites and Software
Hit or miss
(90 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Finding information on the Web requires the right search engine, the right strategy, and a bit of luck.

Applications Notebook
Animal pharmacology
(211 KB)
Peter T. Kissinger
Automated in vivo sampling systems can provide more information, faster, from fewer lab animals.


The Tool Box
Sound advice
(81 KB)
by Richard Ellson and Roeland Papen
Acoustic technologies facilitate ultra-low volumes for high-throughput screening.

Rules and Regulators
Preventing poisoned pills
(67 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 works against sabotage of the drug supply; it also promotes and regulates R&D.

Clinical Trials Track
Specialized delivery
(64 KB)
by Mark S. Lesney
Safety and efficacy can depend on the delivery method of therapeutic compounds—PEGylation may hold a key.

Ready to Read (80 KB)
The Speckled Monster
Reviewed by Randall C. Willis
DNA Microarrays: A Molecular Cloning Manual
Reviewed by Pascale F. Macgregor

On the Calendar
ABRF 2004
(55 KB)
The annual conference lands in the Pacific Northwest.

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorders
(50 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis