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March 2004 From Concept to Development
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Volume 7, Issue 3
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Betting on bioinformaticsBetting on bioinformatics
(169 KB PDF)
by Michael J. Felton
In the life sciences, chemists, biologists, and other specialists generate, review, and analyze the same data in different ways. In 2000, IBM recognized the now-clichéd challenge of “life sciences drowning in a sea of data” and a tremendous need to supply existing and develop new IT systems. Within three years, IBM became a dominant force in life sciences IT.

Gene therapy’s twisted path to successGene therapy’s twisted path to success
(360 KB PDF)
by Mark S. Lesney
After years of promising results and tragic consequences, gene therapy has finally reached its first commercial milestone with the licensing and marketing in China of a new cancer treatment. But while this commercialization breakthrough is likely to be only the first of many, gene therapy is not proving the panacea that many researchers expected.

California dreamCalifornia dream
(66 KB PDF)
by Randall C. Willis
Aggressive corporate incubators and world-class education centers have “San DNAgo” riding the biotech wave. Rapidly approaching Boston and San Francisco in dollars and personnel, this Southern California town offers plentiful opportunity.


Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorders
Wilson’s disease
(47 KB PDF)
by Randall C. Willis

Content in Context
Risks and rewards (29 KB PDF)
by Ann M. Thayer

News in Brief (176 KB PDF)
Viral viewing • Viral machinery • Genes and ALL • Antibiotic-resistant bacteria • Proteomic disc jockeying • Sustained delivery • Sulphur in shiitake • Fungal genome project

The Business Page (53 KB PDF)
Marketplace, deals, and people

The Time Line
Three paths to Novartis
(84 KB PDF)
by Mark S. Lesney
Linkage of stalwart companies of the past led to the development of the modern pharmaceutical giant.

Rules and Regulators
Pediatric drug testing: Not child’s play
(73 KB PDF)
by Phillip B. C. Jones
The FDA now has a carrot-and-stick approach at its disposal to get medicines tested on children.

Applications Notebook
Diagnosis in “real time”
(87 KB PDF)
Kimberly S. Cleaves
Real-time PCR has allowed researchers to diagnose disease and identify bioterrorist threats.

Patents and Property
Drug Delivery (46 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
Moving medicine into the body can be an electrifying process.

The Tool Box
Challenges of small-RNA purification
(81 KB PDF)
by Sapna Chacko and Emmanuel Labourier
The increasing prevalence of RNA in biotherapeutics drives the need for new purification strategies.

For Your Health
The truth about fad diets
(73 KB PDF)
by Linda Richards
In the era of Atkins, do low-carbohydrate diets really work?

Ready to Read (80 KB PDF)
Data Mining
Reviewed by David Edwards
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Nature via Nurture
Reviewed by Mark S. Lesney
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