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May 2004 From Concept to Development
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Product Info Now: May 2004

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The Finnpipette Novus electronic pipette’s design is based on ergonomics studies and customer feedback. A two-level menu includes 10 different pipetting options for flexibility and is programmable for advanced functions, such as pipette and count, sequential stepper, and mix and dilute. The text-guided graphical user interface and clear display are easy to understand and read. A lightweight battery allows 4000 pipetting cycles, can be recharged in 1 h, and stays charged for 2 weeks.
Thermo Electron -


Proteomics RIMS is a bioinformatics management system that integrates information created in a proteomics workflow from mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography technologies. The software combines ProteinScape software, which manages workflow in expression proteomics, with SampleTrack LIMS to provide the environment of data, programs, and database links to improve data analysis, decision-making, and knowledge generation in proteomics.
BrukerBioSciences -

Filter top.

The Stericap PLUS is a vacuum-driven unit that sterilizes up to 10 L of tissue culture media, microbiological media, buffers, and biological solutions. It features the Express PLUS 0.22-µm membrane, a low-protein-binding poly(ether sulfone) membrane with a hydrophilic surface for sterilizing-grade retention of bacteria and other contaminants. The unit can be placed on any vacuum-rated bottle with an inner neck diameter from 20 to 67 mm.
Millipore -


The ACQUITY ultraperformance LC system uses patented 1.7-µm hybrid particles within the columns to obtain faster run times than HPLC systems. The 1.7-µm particle is a pressure-tolerant, reverse-phase particle made of organic (e.g., organosiloxane) and inorganic (silica) elements. Each column features an eCord that records the number of injections, observed backpressures, and column temperature. The system is controlled by either Empower or MassLynx chromatography/mass spectrometry software.
Waters -

Synthesis system.

The Investigator is an integrated approach for real-time reaction monitoring in microwave-enhanced synthesis systems. The Raman-based technique allows the analytical interrogation of reactions through glass, making in situ analysis with microwave-enhanced chemistry a reality. Reaction conditions can be controlled and adjusted on the basis of product formation, starting material depletion, reactant uptake, or other critical parameters selected. The system features a Raman spectrometer designed to significantly reduce fluorescence and background interference. Software includes a library of Raman spectroscopic references.


Version 3.0 of the CyberLAB ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System) provides advances based on consultations with CyberLAB users. Features include a user interface patterned after Internet Explorer, Record Retention Lifecycle to manage the entire electronic record life cyle, improved database search capabilities such as a synonym feature and a multiple database search, and improved file storage support covering a greater range of file types.
Scientific Software -


The Liquid X is a high-performance, two-position isolated diaphragm valve measuring 12 mm wide. It is designed for medical, bioanalytical, and clinical chemistry OEM devices. Characteristics include a low internal volume less than or equal to 32 µL, flow rates of 20 SLPM of air, and vacuum to 50 psi operating pressure range, all over conditions ranging from 0 to 50 °C.
Parker Hannifan -


FreezerBondz is a thermal-transfer, printable label material that can be applied to frozen vials. FreezerBondz can withstand common laboratory substances and environments such as liquid nitrogen, –70 °C, autoclave, and 100 °C hot water baths. It is also resistant to chemicals such as ethanol, DMSO, and xylene.
Brady -


The Zero-Trap series of 96- and 384-well microplates features proprietary surface treatment technology. This coating process reduces nonspecific binding of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and lipophilic small molecules to the microplate during assays. It can be applied to virtually any microwell plate including polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and glass. The hydrophilicity of the Zero-Trap surface has the added benefit of permitting accurate and precise dispensing and mixing of small volumes of aqueous solutions.
NoAb BioDiscoveries -

LC platform.

The Chip-LC is a microfluidic chip-based device that can carry out HPLC. It integrates sample preparation, reactions, and separations on a single chip. It also features nebulization of column effluent for interfacing with a mass spectrometer to identify and quantify separated compounds. It can be used in applications including proteomics research, food safety, and environmental monitoring.
Agilent Technologies -


The Mini-UniPrep line of syringeless filters removes particulates from samples for HPLC. The Slit Septa filter enables the use of the filters with robotics for high-throughput automation. The translucent Amber filter is amber in color to prevent photodegradation of light-sensitive samples. The colorant is the same used in pharmaceutical containers and thus meets USP specifications for light resistance.
Whatman -


KnowItAll spectral databases can now be accessed through an Internet-based client-server platform designed for high-speed searching of more than 800,000 spectra. Instead of installing the entire database on the hard drive, only the client-server software needs to be installed, freeing up local hard drive space.
Bio-Rad -

Temperature controller.

The Polaratherm is a stand-alone controller that uses temperature control to improve run times and maximize productivity in chromatography applications. It is particularly suited for the analysis of heavy compounds that are low in water solubility and require a mobile phase mixture higher in organic solvent concentration. The instrument uses silica columns manufactured from polydentate polymer to protect the silica particles, which remain stable up to 100 °C.
Selerity Technologies -

HPLC system.

The LC-2010HT series of chromatographs is fully integrated and includes a system controller, membrane degasser, low-pressure gradient unit, autosampler, column oven, and a UV detector. Sample injections can be made in as little as 15 s with near-zero sample carryover and a precision of less than 0.3% RSD. Setup and operation are achieved through an advanced graphical user interface and feature built-in, automated validation functions.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments -


The USB2000- FLG is a USB-interface miniature fiber-optic spectrometer for low-intensity fluo rescence applications (380–1050 nm) that can detect picomolar-range concentrations of fluorophores from surfaces and in liquids and powders. Features include Ag-coated mirrors in the spectrometer optical bench to absorb UV light and improve sensitivity and, for fluorophores with long fluo rescence lifetimes, a time-gated mode that delays the start of spectral data acquisition by 5–500 µs after the excitation source is turned off.
Ocean Optics -

Compression stacker.

The MatriPress freezer rack is a portable spring-loaded storage system that holds lidded standard-height or deep-well plates and prevents sample evaporation or uptake of water. The MatriSeal lids are robotics-friendly and provide easy plate access without damaging the plates or leaving adhesive residue behind. The MatriSeal lid sheet gasket is constructed from a chemically resistant polymer (DMSO-compatible) that, when compressed, provides an air/liquid-tight well-to-well seal that withstands the rigors of both short- and long-term storage to –80 °C. The Freezer Rack is ideal for microplate storage in standard freezers.
MatriCal -

Multimode detectors.

Two DTX models are designed for a broad range of systems biology applications including drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and cell-based research. The DTX 800 features fluo rescence intensity (top reading), absorbance (visible), and glow luminescence for 96- to 384-well plates; the DTX 880 features fluorescence intensity (top and bottom reading), time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance (UV and visible), glow luminescence, and temperature control for 6- to 1536-well plates.
Beckman Coulter -


Rat Tail Collagen I, HC (high concentration) is now available for applications where a sturdy gel provides maximal support to maintain the three-dimensional structure. Collagen I is a ubiquitous protein found in most tissues and organs. It can be used as a thin layer on tissue-culture surfaces to enhance cell attachment and proliferation. When used as a gel, collagen facilitates successful adaptation of in vitro culture and enhances expression of cell-specific morphology and function.
BD Biosciences -

Cartridge system.

The Security Guard is a universal cartridge system that will fit into any female/inverted end fitting without need for wrenches, making it compatible with columns worldwide. When installed, the system shows virtually no effect on retention time or column efficiency. PEEK replacement cartridges come in 4- or 10-mm lengths and in a variety of universal bonded phases that can be matched with nearly every HPLC material. One cartridge holder fits two different cartridge sizes for use with microbore up to preparative-sized columns. Cartridge lifetime is assessed by looking through the view-through outlet frit to see the buildup of contamination.
Phenomenex -

Microwave digester.

The MARS Xpress is a high-throughput system that processes up to 40 vessels per run. Each vessel is self-regulating and can digest samples that require conditions of 260 °F or can generate 500 psi. It features dual noncontact sensors that provide continuous pressure and temperature feedback for accurate temperature measurements. XpressLink software provides data collection and real-time display of temperature profiles.


This publication offers one-stop shopping for cryogenics, magnetics, vacuum, and associated laboratory products. The catalog describes liquid-helium and nitro gen sample cryostats; magnet power supplies, temperature controllers, and cryogen level meters; electromagnets, gaussmeters, and associated probes; and thermometry products from millikelvins to 1600 K. The catalog also contains reference data for low-temperature physics, optics, thermometry, and laboratory safety practices.
Oxford Instruments -

Electrochemical system.

The DiscovArray multifunctional electrochemical (EC) system is designed specifically to maximize the impact of EC technology for the pharmaceutical researcher. DiscovArray combines all of the capabilities of both single-cell and array format EC systems in one platform. It enables researchers to perform drug discovery redox applications with a single instrument. DiscovArray integrates LC or LC/MS systems with isocratic and/or gradient capability, and performs all EC applications, including even traditional EC detection.
ESA Inc. -


The APS-2000 purification systems provide compound isolation and high-throughput purification for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and life science industries. They are ideal for crude synthesis products, reference materials, and compounds from natural product extracts. The APS-2000 systems are available in configurations supporting UV-, MS-, and ELSD-based fraction collection.
Dionex -

Gas analyzers.

The LI-840 CO2/ H2O analyzer is an absolute, nondispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzer based on a single optical path and a dual-wavelength infrared detection system. It is specifically designed for simultaneous and continuous monitoring of CO2 and H2O over a wide range of environmental conditions. The LI-840’s optical bench provides a CO2 measurement range of 0–3000 ppm and an H2O measurement range of 0–80 ppt. A simple, built-in XML communication protocol allows for easy integration into existing systems, as well as for OEM applications.
LI-COR Biosciences -


This 69-page book provides protocols and technical and product information to help maximize results for affinity purification procedures. The handbook includes background, helpful hints, and troubleshooting advice for covalent coupling of affinity ligands to chromatography supports, avidin:biotin-binding, affinity purification of antibodies, immunoprecipitation and coimmunoprecipitation assays, affinity procedures for contaminant removal, and related procedures. To request a free copy, log on to the company website or call 800-874-3723 or 815-968-0747.
Pierce -


The Allegra X-12 Series benchtop centrifuges deliver unique capabilities that streamline cell separations. The X-12R and X-12 spin up to 4 X 750 mL and feature new cell culture flask adapters to enable direct centrifugation of cell culture flasks. The X-12 Series incorporates ARIES Smart Balance rotor technology, which automatically corrects imbalance and continues the run without shutdown. Standard and ARIES versions of the X-12 Series 4 X 750 mL swinging bucket rotor are available.
Beckman Coulter -