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May 2004 From Concept to Development
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Volume 7, Issue 5
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Taking care of bio-security businessTaking care of bio-security business
by David Filmore

PDF version (260 KB PDF)
Although approved vaccines already exist for smallpox and anthrax, their use has been curtailed by safety concerns and, in the case of anthrax, complicated dosing schedules. Moreover, there are no vaccines and very limited treatment options for other conditions like pneumonic plague, botulism, tularemia, and viral hemorrhagic fevers. Biotech companies are responding to this need, encouraged by Congress’s plan to spend $5.6 billion over the next 10 years to stockpile countermeasures.

Building a frameworkBuilding a framework
by Bill Ladd

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HTS automation has created a data bottleneck for scientists: The ability to generate data exceeds the ability to convert it into useful information. Advances in areas such as combinatorial chemical synthesis have resulted in screening libraries of compounds measured in the millions. All of this drives the need for high-throughput analytics, and has spawned a range of new analytical tools and new ways to deliver HTS results to chemists and scientists.


Sites and Software

A thousand words (and more) (108 KB PDF)
by Randall C. Willis
Artists and IT specialists are breathing life into biomedical science.

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Methotrexate (large-19MB | small-8MB)

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The Tool Box
Tool for proteomics
(96 KB PDF)
by J. S. Hobbs et al.
An automated approach to protein fractionation.

Product Info Now (html)

On the Calendar
Biology and separations (60 KB PDF)
On both coasts, events offer what’s new in the biomedical arena.

Content in Context
Change is good (32 KB PDF)
by Ann M. Thayer

From Our Readers (48 KB PDF)
Beneath the skin • Past and future

New and Noteworthy (160 KB PDF)
Two in one • HIV drug trials • Light-emitting microbes • Manufacturing “plant” against obesity • McClellan: Some parting thoughts • Reporting race? • Crystal concerns • Toward population proteomics

Focus on Business

Marketplace, deals, and people (56 KB PDF)

Blockbuster biotech deals pays off (64 KB PDF)
by Kimberly S. Cleaves
Now with FDA approval, Erbitux and other MAb drugs are chasing huge potential profits.

Biotech industry outlook brightens (48 KB PDF)
by Ann M. Thayer
Annual industry report predicts a strong 2004 after a recovery in 2003.

People and Perspectives

Genomics is not genetics
Ann M. Thayer
The ACS honors the founder of Human Genome Sciences; the outgoing CEO reflects on the biotech field and his role in it.

Chemical sciences expand frontiers
Ann M. Thayer
The National Research Council weighs in on the challenges ahead for medicine and health.

Diseases and Disorders
The tangled brain
(80 KB PDF)
by Evelyn B. Kelly
Searching for drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

Rules and Regulators
Can Generics "march in"?
(72 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
A rarely used clause of the Bayh–Dole Act has been invoked to essentially override the patents on two drugs.

Clinical Trials Track
TB vaccines tested in humans
(72 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
Clinical development will require extensive partnerships.

Applications Notebook
The FAST and the curious
(120 KB PDF)
by Stephen K. Burley
Fragment-based lead discovery and optimization via high-throughput X-ray crystallography.