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Product Info Now: June 2004

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Normalized cDNA Library ServicesNormalized cDNA Library Services

These normalized cDNA library construction services are produced from customers’ custom cDNA libraries (i.e., standard libraries, microquantity libraries, etc.). ExTREme technology enables greater numbers and lengths of high-quality clones to be generated in less time while substantially reducing abundant genes.

Biotinylated driver RNA and single-stranded (ss) target DNA from the cDNA library are hybridized to each other at a low Cot value (concentration of driver times the time of hybridization) in accordance with the ExTREme protocol. Undesired hybrids are removed by phenol extraction; the ss target DNA is converted to double-stranded DNA and transformed into T1 phage-resistant E. coli. This process reduces the level of abundant and moderately abundant genes and enriches for previously undiscovered rare genes.

ExTREme technology typically enables libraries of 10 X 106 primary clones with >96% recombinant clones containing >1.5-kb average insert size to be produced. ExTREme technology also enables delivery of normalized libraries in less time, 7 to 10 weeks, compared with the typical 10 to 12 weeks.

Also offered are standard, nanoquantity, and subtracted cDNA libraries as well as total RNA purification from tissue, mRNA purification from tissue, mRNA purification from total RNA, and cDNA library amplification. All libraries feature directionally cloned cDNA for expression, antibody, screening, subtraction, and normalization.
Express Genomics -

Voyager Microwave Flow-Through Synthesis SystemSolid reagent option for microwave flow reactor

The Voyager Microwave Flow-Through Synthesis System offers options for handling solids, slurries, and highly viscous fluids. Two separate flow-through modules are designed to handle the entire range of scale-up applications.

The Voyager CF (Continuous Flow) module is the choice for scaling up solution- based chemistries, while the Voyager SF (Stop Flow) module (pictured above) is the option for scaling up chemistries with solid reagents, highly viscous materials, or insoluble products. Both modules allow the automated scale-up of chemistries with microwave energy, all with a completely safe, selfmonitored platform. The SF option allows for the synthesis of up to 50 mL of material automatically, giving chemists all of the safety advantages of the Voyager flow-through design while yielding the productivity and solids compatibility found with static batch systems.

As part of the Discover family of microwave synthesis products, Voyager can handle single, small-scale reactions as well as scale-up to kilogram quantities. The system also can perform atmospheric and pressurized reactions, and it has temperature and pressure feedback control.

The use of active flow cells allows the user to suspend reagent beds in the flow stream. These solid reagent beds can consist of immobilized reagents, catalysts, scavengers, or coupling enhancers. Active flow cells can be prepared by the user to allow maximum versatility in the process.

CEM Corp. -


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845Zprep SystemSample preparation.

The 845Zprep System improves injection speed and carryover, and reduces maintenance issues from injection ports for semipreparative to preparative autopurification applications. The system's Injection Module features a stainless steel, 2-position, 6-port valve with 0.040-in. (1.0-mm) port diameters to accommodate flow rates from 5 to 150 mL/min. The Injection Module aspirates the sample directly into the sample loop for faster injection cycling time while minimizing carryover. The 845Zprep also uses a Low-Mount Fraction Collection Valve for separate injection and fraction collection fluid paths.
Gilson -

Neuropeptide antibodies.

Antibodies to the neuropeptides Rab3a, synaptosomal-associated protein of 25 kDa (SNAP25), synapsin, and synuclein are available. These antibodies complement other neuropeptide antibodies such as β-amyloid, γ-γ enolase, neuron-specific enolase, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), neurofilament, tangles, and PHF-tau.
Pierce Biotechnology/Endogen -

EasyLyse Bacterial Protein Extraction SolutionProtein purification.

EasyLyse Bacterial Protein Extraction Solution is designed to gently purify proteins, especially recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli, so that they retain more enzymatic activity. Formulated as a homogeneous reagent, EasyLyse is convenient for high-throughput applications. Simply combine the Enzyme Mix with the Lysis Buffer and add to cells for rapid, one-step lysis and removal of viscosity. EasyLyse contains a lytic enzyme with high specific activity, a nuclease to reduce viscosity, and a nondenaturing detergent.
Epicentre -

Cycloamylose refolding.

The Refolding CA Kit provides a two-step procedure that optimizes the refolding conditions of inclusion body proteins. This optimization results in a high refolding efficiency for restoration of protein activity. The kit is supplied with guanidine hydrochloride and DTT for protein unfolding, four different surfactants that can be added independently to the unfolded protein solution to provide protection against molecular aggregation, and highly polymerized cycloamylose for surfactant removal and recovery of protein activity. Reagents are provided for 25 refolding reactions (0.24 mg of protein per reaction).
Takara Mirus Bio -


Varia is designed for researchers involved in high-volume genetic analysis. Features include navigable displays of the complete human genome at the nucleotide scale, algorithms for identifying regions of autozygosity, automated tools for building haplotype maps and constructing pedigrees from genotype data, and linkage analysis tools for the assocation of variation-to-variation or variation-to-disease.
Silicon Genetics -

Monoclonal antibodies.

NeoClone uses a proprietary process to generate high-affinity monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) more rapidly and less expensively than traditional hybridoma methods. The service typically includes generation of 20 mAbs against your antigen; you own the cell lines as well. Additionally, because the mAb-producing cell line is diploid, the time and cost to develop additional antibody are greatly reduced.
NeoClone Biotechnology -

LabChip 3000 Drug Discovery SystemDiscovery system.

The LabChip 3000 Drug Discovery System is approximately one-third the size of a Caliper 250 system and more affordably priced. The LabChip 3000 runs assays that cover the most frequently screened target classes, including kinases, phosphatases, proteases, and GPCRs. Increasingly, such assays are being applied not only in primary screening but throughout the drug discovery process, including selectivity screening and generation of structure–activity relationships (SARs).
Caliper Life Sciences -


The 2003/2004 Organics, Inorganics, Metals, and Materials Catalog includes more than 1200 new products and the entire range of Avocado Organic compounds. This edition carries over 20,000 items, including organic compounds, high-purity inorganics, pure metals, alloys, elements, precious metal compounds and catalysts, rare earths, AA/ICP standards, precious metal labware, and more. For a free copy, call 1-800-343-0660 or 1-978-521-6300 (outside the U.S.).
Alfa Aesar -

Purification kit.

The BACMAX DNA kit was developed to isolate high-quality BAC DNA. The scalable protocol is based on a modified alkaline lysis procedure that typically yields 0.6 to 25 g of BAC DNA from 1.5- to 100-mL cultures of a single-copy BAC. Selective precipitation steps and the incorporation of the RiboShredder RNase Blend effectively remove contaminants that degrade DNA and interfere with downstream applications. There is no need for columns, resins, or organic extractions.
Epicentre -

Antioxidant assayAntioxidant assay.

Designed to measure the overall antioxidant capacity in a given sample, this assay from Cayman Chemical relies on the ability of antioxidants in the sample to inhibit the oxidation of ABTS in comparison to Trolox, a water-soluble tocopherol analogue. By quantifying the cumulative effect of all antioxidants present, more relevant biological information is acquired. The assay comes in a convenient 96-well plate format for a variety of sample types, including plasma, serum, urine, saliva, and cell lysates.
Cayman Chemical -


This six-page color brochure features the AniGARD II Animal Transfer Station, a vertical-flow recirculating-air clean bench designed to provide animal protection and particulate control during routine cage-changing operations in the laboratory while maximizing productivity and flexibility. The AniGARD II permits operator access on three sides while providing ISO Class 5 (Class 100) protection by delivering HEPA-filtered air to the work surface. This lightweight, easily maneuverable cabinet features an ergonomically engineered, adjustable work surface and slanted view-screen for increased worker comfort.
Baker Co. -

Certified ArrayScan PlatformPlatform.

The Certified ArrayScan Platform is equipped with an integrated solution featuring a preowned Certified ArrayScan HCS Reader equipped with a suite of BioApplications image analysis algorithms for comprehensive multiparametric assay capability. Rich cellular data is managed automatically by a complete range of HCS informatics tools. The Certified ArrayScan promotion is a low-cost solution for accessing high-content biology.
Cellomics -

Cytokine arrays.

The ProteoPlex 16-Well Human Cytokine Array Kit provides a complete solution for determining the levels of 12 cytokines from 10 sera or tissue culture supernatants simultaneously. Conventional cytokine measurements are based on single-analyte detection, requiring multiple kits and large sample volumes to test for multiple cytokines. In contrast, the ProteoPlex arrays require only 50 L of the sample material to determine concentrations of 12 different cytokines.
EMD Biosciences - Novagen -


The EZ-2's patented sample protection systems prevent bumping and overheating of delicate samples while ensuring smooth, fast evaporation of the solvent, even with difficult mixtures. The system accommodates a wide selection of sample holders, enabling evaporation from most common sample container formats. The EZ-2 is designed to take tubes, flasks, and vials directly from the synthesis process, eliminating a manual handling step, increasing recoveries, and removing the chance of cross-contamination.
Genevac -

BD Matrigel Matrix, High Concentration (HC)Protein.

BD Matrigel Matrix, High Concentration (HC), is now available from BD Biosciences Discovery Labware. BD Matrigel Matrix is a solubilized basement membrane preparation extracted from EHS mouse sarcoma, a tumor rich in ECM proteins. Its major component is laminin, followed by collagen IV, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, and entactin. BD Matrigel Matrix, HC, is used for in vivo angiogenesis assays and to augment the growth of human tumors in nude mice.
BD Biosciences -

Liquid-handling system.

For cell-based assays including ELISA, ADME/Tox, plasmid prep, and RNA/DNA isolation, the TekBench liquid-handling system contains storage for over 1000 microplates, containers, and consumables (equal to 5 carousels). Standard options include UV sterilization, HEPA filter, chilled reagent storage, and nanoliter to microliter pipetting tools with wash stations. The working deck supports a variety of third-party devices, including readers, plate washers, bulk dispensers, filtration manifolds, and shakers.
TekCel -

miniPERM benchtop bioreactorBioreactor.

The miniPERM benchtop bioreactor consists of nutrient and production modules separated by a semipermeable membrane. Cells and cell products such as antibodies and other high-MWCO components are retained in the production module, resulting in high concentrations of product for easy harvest and purification. The dialysis membrane facilitates exchange of oxygen, CO2, nutrients, and waste for optimal growth and production conditions.
Greiner Bio-One -

Acumen Explorer 405-nm modelMicroplate cytometer.

The Acumen Explorer 405-nm model enables the β-lactamase and blue fluorescent protein reporter systems that, until now, have routinely been measured by bulk fluorescence readers as single-point readouts. In contrast, this model offers multiparametric analysis at high throughput, allowing rapid, high-content assays. Acumen Explorer 405 provides greater assay sensitivity on plate formats ranging from 96-well to the 1536- and 3456-well microplates used in HTS.
TTP Labtech -


This publication features a wide variety of polymer-supported reagents and scavengers for solution-phase synthesis. Included are electrophile, nucleophile, and metal scavengers, polymer-supported reagents, and polymer-supported catalysts. E-mail to receive free copy.
Sigma-Aldrich -

Confocal imaging.

Opera is a new generation of confocal microplate imaging readers providing solutions for fully automated high-speed and high-resolution screening. The Opera has a dispensing unit available and extends the application portfolio to cellular kinetics. The dispenser delivers 0.5 to 15 L of a reagent to a well of a 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plate in less than 1 s (CV < 5%). The liquid is injected into the samples as small droplets, which ensures fast mixing. The reagent reservoir can be cooled to 4 °C.
Evotec Technologies -


The ACQUITY ultraperformance LC system uses patented 1.7-m hybrid particles within the columns to obtain faster run times than HPLC systems. The 1.7-m particle is a pressure-tolerant, reverse-phase particle made of organic (e.g., organosiloxane) and inorganic (silica) elements. Each column features an eCord that records the number of injections, observed backpressures, and column temperature. The system is controlled by either Empower or MassLynx chromatography/ mass spectrometry software.
Waters -