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Product Info Now: July 2004

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Voyager Microwave Flow-Through Synthesis SystemSolid reagent option for microwave flow reactor

The Voyager Microwave Flow-Through Synthesis System offers options for handling solids, slurries, and highly viscous fluids. Two separate flow-through modules are designed to handle the entire range of scale-up applications.

The Voyager CF (Continuous Flow) module is the choice for scaling up solution-based chemistries, while the Voyager SF (Stop Flow) module (pictured above) is the option for scaling up chemistries with solid reagents, highly viscous materials, or insoluble products. Both modules allow the automated scale-up of chemistries with microwave energy, all with a completely safe, self-monitored platform. The SF option allows for the synthesis of up to 50 mL of material automatically, giving chemists all of the safety advantages of the Voyager flow-through design while yielding the productivity and solids compatibility found with static batch systems.

As part of the Discover family of microwave synthesis products, Voyager can handle single, small-scale reactions as well as scale-up to kilogram quantities. The system also can perform atmospheric and pressurized reactions, and it has temperature and pressure feedback control.

The use of active flow cells allows the user to suspend reagent beds in the flow stream. These solid reagent beds can consist of immobilized reagents, catalysts, scavengers, or coupling enhancers. Active flow cells can be prepared by users for maximum versatility.

CEM Corp. -
Booth no. 2111@DDT 2004

Veloce micro parallel liquid chromatography systemMicro parallel LC system

The Veloce micro parallel liquid chromatography (mPLC) system provides increased sample analysis capacity to scientists who need information to make timely research decisions. It uses established HPLC techniques, integrating them with conventional laboratory workflow to increase time and cost efficiency. The Veloce system is designed for fast, high-quality sample analysis in analytical chemistry, specifically in the drug discovery and development process.

The features of the Veloce system include increased sample analysis capacity and the ability to generate chromatograms comparable to those produced by conventional HPLC instrumentation for a broad class of analytical chemistry applications. The Veloce system provides up to 24 simultaneous separations. This parallel analysis provides the ability to analyze a large number of compounds simultaneously, generate a standard curve, and increase the number of replicates or conditions used in a study.

At the heart of the Veloce system is the 24-column Brio cartridge, which enables multiple samples to be analyzed in parallel for increased throughput. The cartridges can incorporate columns of varying lengths and a range of stationary phases. Researchers can select cartridges to fulfill throughput and to optimize performance for specific experimental protocols. Because the Veloce system is similar to traditional HPLC systems, scientists can continue to use their existing processes and protocols.

Nanostream -
Booth no. 1609@DDT 2004


More Products

MultiScreen Caco-2 Assay PlatesAssay plates.

MultiScreen Caco-2 Assay Plates enable high-throughput ADME analysis of potential drug targets. The 96-well plate design allows for aseptic handling and automated permeability measurements. The MultiScreen Caco-2 Assay System includes growth plates, feeding tray, and transport analysis plate for complete growth through analysis in one plate.
Millipore -


VERTEC organo-titanates are effective and adaptable catalysts for esterification reactions of all types. They are used in the production of plasticizers, acrylates, polycarbonates, specialty esters, unsaturated polyesters, and amides. The wide selection of standard VERTEC organo-titanates fits most applications, but custom formulations can be made for specific requirements.
Alfa Aesar -

Microcapillary cytometry.

The EasyCD4 system, which incorporates proprietary microcapillary cytometry technology, provides results equivalent or superior to established flow cytometry and manual microscopy methods of CD4 enumeration. The instrument is compact and portable and does not require large volumes of sheath fluid or a dedicated laboratory infrastructure. Operation is simple, maintenance is minimal, and the system is suitable for use in pediatric as well as adult patients.
Guava Technologies -
Booth no. 2610@DDT 2004

Screw-top tube.

The ScrewTop TrakMates tube is the first 8 X 12 format screw tube and rack on the market. It features a permanently attached, globally unique 2D bar code. Good for temperatures down to –178 °C, each tube can now be linked to a database containing its contents for secure sample tracking.
Matrix Technologies -
Booth nos. 2411, 2412@DDT 2004


This 12-page booklet describes the SterilGARD III Advance Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinet. The brochure includes information on cabinet ergonomics, performance, ease of use, and serviceability. The streamlined design simplifies sealing for pressure leak testing or cabinet decontamination. Plenum technology offers quieter performance and extended HEPA filter life.
Baker -


Living Colors pIRES2-DsRed-Express Vectors can identify mammalian cells expressing a gene of interest by selecting red fluorescent cells. They contain the internal ribosome entry site (IRES) of the encephalomyocarditis virus (ECMV), which permits both the gene of interest and the DsRed-Express coding region to be translated from a single mRNA. Selected cells or cell populations can be used directly in assays, eliminating variability due to transfection efficiency.
BD Biosciences -
Booth no. 1516@DDT 2004

Gene targets.

The ASCENTA System provides a way to assess, prioritize, and qualify gene targets expressed and regulated across a broad range of human diseases and animal model systems. Containing gene expression data from over 8000 human, rat, and mouse tissues, specific sample sets are directly relevant to the key therapeutic areas of inflammation, oncology, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease.
Gene Logic -
Booth no. 1916@DDT 2004

cDNA Library productionLibrary production.

Normalized cDNA libraries are produced from custom cDNA libraries (i.e., standard libraries, microquantity libraries, etc.), with greater numbers and lengths of high-quality clones generated in less time while substantially reducing abundant genes. Standard, nanoquantity, and subtracted cDNA libraries are also offered, as are total RNA purification from tissue, mRNA purification from tissue, mRNA purification from total RNA, and cDNA library amplification. All libraries feature directionally cloned cDNA for expression, antibody screening, subtraction, and normalization.
Express Genomics -

Cellmate IIPortable pipettor.

The Cellmate II portable serological pipettor is powered by a lithium ion battery with a lifetime guarantee. Available in five colors, the CellMate II includes a table stand, wall mount, universal power supply, and plug adapters for international use. Large aspirate and dispense triggers offer a comfortable finger platform and allow precise control of liquid manipulations. A large backlit LED monitors battery charge and pump speeds for both aspiration and dispense.
Matrix Technologies -
Booth nos. 2411, 2412@DDT 2004

Spot Detector BioApplicationImage software.

The Spot Detector BioApplication is a general-purpose image analysis software module that performs rapid detection of spotlike targets in cells. Sophisticated detection methods and optimized speed enhance Spot Detector’s analysis of Norak’s Transfluor technology, providing quick evaluation of GPCR activation and internalization via beta-arrestin redistribution. With Spot Detector’s easy-to-use protocols and Transfluor technology’s minimal plate preparation requirements, the user can easily develop assays and perform screens for GPCR targets of interest.
Cellomics -
Booth no. 2903@DDT 2004

Millex Sample Prep syringe filtersSyringe filters.

Millex Sample Preparation syringe filters with low-protein-binding Durapore membranes are optimized for preparing 10 to 100 mL of protein-containing aqueous and mild organic solutions. The 33-mm syringe filters have almost 20% greater surface area to deliver faster flow rates and higher throughput. The units also have an operating pressure of 100 psig (10 bar) that allows solutions to be filtered rapidly. The filter units are available in 0.20- and 0.45-µm pore sizes.
Millipore -

PCR analyzer.

The THEQ LifeCycler series offers a combination of server and workstation modules; its virtual networking capabilities allow for individual PCR workload definition with efficient centralized operation. Users can implement their own flexible PCR solutions to meet individual requirements. THEQ is available in three block styles: 96- and 384-well PCR plates and 0.2- and 0.5-µL individual tubes. All systems are robot-compatible format for integration into THEONYX lab automation systems.
MWG Biotech -
Booth no. 2704@DDT 2004

Automation bundle.

The 2D-FAB is a unique bundle for flexible, two-dimensional chromatography or simple small-volume fractionation. This front-end automation bundle includes FractPAL with software, a biocompatible Rheos binary pump for normal or microflow, and an Eksigent NanoLC pump with no flow-splitting. The system is a highly transparent two-step approach to multidimensional LC.
LEAP Technologies -
Booth no. 2702A@DDT 2004


The FastStart High Fidelity PCR System combines FastStart Taq DNA Polymerase and a thermostable proofreading protein to yield fourfold higher fidelity with hot-start PCR. In addition to reducing errors in applications such as cloning, this blend produces higher yields of the amplicon and minimizes nonspecific fragments.
Roche -
Booth no. 2809@DDT 2004


BoPhoz ligands are ideal for many asymmetric reduction applications. The unique phosphine–aminophosphine substructure of the BoPhoz ligands imparts attributes not commonly found in other chiral catalysts, including shelf stability, scalability, and high activity and enantioselectivity. BoPhoz ligands are offered from stock in standard 0.1- and 0.5-g units for trial use.
Alfa Aesar -


Colloidal Gold for immunodiagnostic labeling offers homogeneity of particle size and shape to increase long-term stability and minimize nonspecific binding of the gold conjugate. Featuring a 40-nm particle size at 520–525 nm (OD), Colloidal Gold provides flexibility for use in pregnancy, infectious disease, drug-of-abuse, agricultural-based, and other rapid assays. For validation, test developers and manufacturers can evaluate 3 lots of material provided in 100- , 500- , or 1000- mL bottles.
Schleicher & Schuell BioScience -

Clintrace 4.0 softwareSoftware.

Clintrace 4.0 streamlines administrative functions and overhead by providing safety personnel at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a scalable, browser-based, centrally administered, and easy-to-use solution for adverse-event tracking and reporting. Clintrace 4.0 electronically links all safety personnel, including CROs, partners, and affiliates, to speed adverse event processing. It lowers IT expense through Web-based software that is easy to install, maintain, and support.
Phase Forward -

Neuropeptide antibodies.

Antibodies to the neuropeptides Rab3a, synaptosomal-associated protein of 25 kDa (SNAP25), synapsin, and synuclein are available. These antibodies complement other neuropeptide antibodies such as beta-amyloid, gamma-gamma enolase, neuron-specific enolase, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), neurofilament, tangles, and PHF-tau.
Pierce Biotechnology/Endogen -
Booth no. 2010@DDT 2004

BD Matrigel Matrix, High ConcentrationProtein.

BD Matrigel Matrix, High Concentration (HC), is now available from BD Biosciences Discovery Labware. BD Matrigel Matrix is a solubilized basement membrane preparation extracted from EHS mouse sarcoma, a tumor rich in ECM proteins. Its major component is laminin, followed by collagen IV, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, and entactin. BD Matrigel Matrix, HC,is used for in vivo angiogenesis assays and to augment the growth of human tumors in nude mice.
BD Biosciences -
Booth no. 1516@DDT 2004


The Zero-Trap series of 96- and 384-well microplates features novel proprietary surface treatment technology. This coating process reduces nonspecific binding of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and lipophilic small molecules to the microplate during assays. It can be applied to virtually any micro well plate including polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and glass. The hydrophilicity of the Zero-Trap surface has the added benefit of permitting accurate and precise dispensing and mixing of small volumes of aqueous solutions.
NoAb BioDiscoveries -


The APS-2000 purification systems provide compound isolation and high-throughput purification for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and life science industries. They are ideal for crude synthesis products, reference materials, and compounds from natural product extracts. The APS-2000 systems are available in configurations supporting UV-, MS-, and ELSD-based fraction collection.
Dionex -


The 2003/2004 Organics, Inorganics, Metals and Materials Catalog includes the entire range of Avocado Organic compounds. This edition carries over 20,000 products, including organic compounds, high-purity inorganics, pure metals, alloys, elements, precious metal compounds and catalysts, rare earths, AA/ICP standards, precious metal labware, and more. For a free copy, call 1-800-343-0660 or 1-978-521-6300 (outside the U.S.A.).
Alfa Aesar -

HPLC mobile phasesHPLC mobile phases.

CHEM+ NECT packaging technology provides a disposable, closed-system alternative to the traditional and potentially hazardous preparation of HPLC mobile phases. These premixed mobile phases are manufactured to customer specifications using reagent-grade components to ensure equivalent performance, and they can be easily connected to any HPLC system. CHEM+NECT solutions are also offered with stability data to validate long-term consistency.
CHATA Biosystems -

Celera Discovery System online platformOnline platform.

The Celera Discovery System online platform is a subscription-based, integrated research platform that provides online access to the most comprehensive and current set of curated biological data and analysis tools available for comparing human and mouse genomes. The platform includes an interactive, customizable Map Viewer that provides graphical displays for comparing human and mouse genes within their genomic contexts.
Applied Biosystems -

Cycloamylose refolding.

The Refolding CA Kit provides a two-step procedure that optimizes the refolding conditions of inclusion body proteins. This optimization results in a high refolding efficiency for restoration of protein activity. The kit is supplied with guanidine hydrochloride and DTT for protein unfolding, four different surfactants that can be added independently to the unfolded protein solution to provide protection against molecular aggregation, and highly polymerized cycloamylose for surfactant removal and recovery of protein activity. Reagents are provided for 25 refolding reactions (0.24 mg of protein per reaction).
Takara Mirus Bio -

Varia softwareSoftware.

Varia is designed for researchers involved in high-volume genetic analysis. Features include navigable displays of the complete human genome at the nucleotide scale, algorithms for identifying regions of autozygosity, automated tools for building haplotype maps and constructing pedigrees from genotype data, and linkage analysis tools for the assocation of variation-to-variation or variation-to-disease.
Silicon Genetics -


The Certified ArrayScan Platform is equipped with an integrated solution featuring a preowned Certified ArrayScan HCS Reader equipped with a suite of BioApplications image analysis algorithms for comprehensive multiparametric assay capability. Rich cellular data is managed automatically by a complete range of HCS informatics tools. The Certified ArrayScan promotion is a low-cost solution for accessing high-content biology.
Cellomics -
Booth no. 2903@DDT 2004


The ActiveSite software add-on to the BioCAChe, BioMed-CAChe, and WorkSystem Pro products provides powerful tools to speed the drug discovery process by allowing researchers to predict and select better-quality leads before making them in the laboratory. Scientists can import and display 3D proteins directly from the Protein Data Bank and then view, analyze, and modify them by using interactive sequence and 3D structure editor windows. Users also can optimize proteins, dock ligands, and model reactions of molecules with tens of thousands of atoms.
CAChe Group -
Booth no. 2502@DDT 2004


The WellMate is a high-speed, small-footprint, 8-channel fluid dispenser for 96- and 384-well microplates. It features a height-adjustable dispense head to accommodate dispensing to shallow- and deep-well plates and blocks; low-cost, disposable, presterilized tubing cartridges that enable dispense volumes of 2.0–2000 µL; programmability in 1.0-µL increments; memory for storing as many as 18 dispense protocols; and a digital keypad. RS232 programming promotes robotic integration, and a removable plate stage makes cleaning fast and easy.
Matrix Technologies -
Booth nos. 2411, 2412@DDT 2004

Sample Sentinel refrigerated unitAutosampler.

The Sample Sentinel refrigerated unit offers robotic liquid-chromatographic autosampling by moving the sample vial to sampling, diluting, or mixing stations without requiring complex mechanical drivers. Capable of transferring 105 vials (300 µL or 1.8 mL) in three removable trays when cooled or 120 vials when uncooled, the unit is designed for use with microbore, standard-bore, or preparative applications and is available for precise fixed-loop and variable-loop injection. With the sample preparation option, up to three reagent additions are programmable.
BASi -