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October 2004 From Concept to Development
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Volume 7, Issue 10
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Pipeline challengesPipeline challenges
by David Filmore, Ann M. Thayer, and Randall C. Willis

PDF version (240 KB PDF)
Views are mixed as to whether current issues around pharmaceutical company pipelines represent a crisis in R&D or short-term setbacks. Either way, the number of new drugs being launched is generally considered too small to sustain major companies. In response, companies are taking a variety of approaches—including reorganization, changes in R&D management, acquisitions, in-licensing, and the use of new technologies—to improve the quality and productivity of their drug discovery and development pipelines. The drug R&D pipelines of the world’s six leading pharmaceutical companies and the top two biopharmaceutical firms are highlighted.

Probing proteinsProbing proteins
by Garry Corthals

PDF version (224 KB PDF)

Mass spectrometry is answering big questions about small molecules. Rapid detection and quantitation of biological activity can now be performed via powerful tools that, together with complete genomes, have ushered in a desire for new high-throughput and highly sensitive technologies to similarly measure proteins. Knowledge of proteins is important, as they are the mature products of genes and represent end points of gene expression in studying biological systems. In addition to enhancing the ability and speed of making protein measurements, analysis must be performed in a systematic, quantitative, and reproducible manner. Proteomics is the latest in the series of powerful new approaches that systematically capture molecular information on a genome- or proteome-wide scale.


The Tool Box
Mapping a route to success
(64 KB PDF)
by Krista Steger and Paul McEwan
Kinase mutation mapping can be used to pinpoint responder populations.

Product Info Now (html)

On the Calendar
AAPS and Antibody Engineering
(60 KB PDF)
Two important meetings are set, on opposite coasts.

Content in Context
Pipe dreams (32 KB PDF)
by Ann M. Thayer

New and Noteworthy (116 KB PDF)
Glucans: Augmenting antibodies • “Patch” work brain therapy • Biotech: No to expensing stock options • “Approvable” no more? • Nudging neurons • Launching a safer bet • Microfluidics and mutations • Diabetes collaboration

Focus on Business

Marketplace, deals, and people (52 KB PDF)

Progress without profits? (72 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
A Bay Area firm’s business model seeks to fill in the pharmaceutical industry’s gaps.

Protecting bioinformatics’ value (68 KB PDF)
by Michael A. Gollin
As the field matures, so too must intellectual property strategies to capitalize on bioinformatics’ wealth.

People and Perspectives
Taking note (56 KB PDF)
by Ann M. Thayer
Industry researchers, executives, and drug products have been recognized at recent events.

Diseases and Disorders
Bipolar disorder
(76 KB PDF)
by Linda Richards
Drug candidates specifically targeting the disease may offer hope in the long term.

Rules and Regulators
Cataloging clinical trials
(68 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
If a drug study is performed in a hospital and nobody reports it, does it make a sound?

Clinical Trials Track
Hepatitis C showdown: PEG vs PEG
(68 KB PDF)
by David Filmore
A head-to-head clinical trial is under way comparing the two leading hepatitis C therapies. Will it be IDEAL?.

Applications Notebook
Playing proteomic tag
(124 KB PDF)
by William Barrett and Jerome Bailey
New peptide-modifying reagents should increase experimental accuracy and reproducibility.

Sites and Software
The information gold rush (88 KB PDF)
by David Bradley
Data mining for life sciences and drug discovery research