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2003 Author Index

Altria, Kevin
In fine pharm. July
A capillary idea. September

Avdeef, Alex
A measured solution. June

Balakin, Konstantin V.
Pharma ex machina. August

Belcher, Julia
Hypothyroidism. October

Bradley, David
HapMapping the genome. February
High (throughput) mass. April
The question of pain. September
Fingerprinting the unusual. December

Braeckmans, Kevin
Scanning the code for combichem. February

Braunagel, Michael
Therapeutic antibodies. October

Brownlee, Christen L.
Rosacea. January
The Executive Interview: Bill Linton. January
News Stories: Back pain, all in the brain • ADHD and autism: Chromosomal connection?February

Canavan, Neil
Matters of money. June

Chen, Yih-Tai
Fluorescent protein biosensors. August

Cholewinski, Adrzej
Pictures, puzzles, and patches. December

Cleaves, Kimberly S.
The Executive Interview: Lissa Goldenstein. April
The Executive Interview: Mike Collins. July
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. August
The Executive Interview: Frank Laukien. October
News Story: Interfering with HCV. May
News Stories: Loofa livers • Penetrating the skin you're in. June
News Story: An adverse look. July
News Story: Estrogen and arthritis. August
News Story: Fewer pills with prodrugs. November
News Story : The soy matrix. December

Cochlovius, Bjorn
Therapeutic antibodies. October

Colson, Kimberly L.
Ultracool NMR technology. July

Contrera, Joseph G.
Patents and property. May

Crafford, Chris
The discovery gridiron. November

Dahlgren, Jennifer
Matters of money. September

Demeester, Joseph
Scanning the code for combichem. February

De Smedt, Stefaan C.
Scanning the code for combichem. February

Dunkin, Mary Anne
Urinary incontinence. March

Featherstone, Donald J.
Patents and property. November

Felton, Michael J.
CD Simplicity. November

Fenselau, Catherine C.
MS and microbiology. March

Filmore, David
Patents and Property. February
Chirality in a combinatorial age. June
Patents and property. August
Keeping an (infrared) eye out. September
Learning for larger scales. September
Talking pharmacogenomics. October
News Story: Contracts don't cut it? January
News Story: Mass and metabolites. February
News Stories: Boronic β-lactamase busters? • mAb fuel • Paring probes. March
News Stories: Lupus solution? • A natural comparison • Drug ads. April
News Stories: Eggs, not butter • Pox pill penetration • Thiamine to tumor. May
News Stories: Fusion inhibitor approved • The shorter the better • Particle size on the fly. June
News Stories: Toward a malaria vaccine • Slow GABA, and go? • Glyco-boosting biomeds • Cytotoxic targeting. July
News Story: Adlay allays. August
News Stories: What do the dimers do? • Anti-asthma antibody. September
News Stories: Biologics: Generically speaking • START in CA • Liver toxicity attention. October
News Stories: Liquid assets • Microbicide trials • NC biotech from tobacco funds. November
News Stories: Animal-on-a-chip • Earlier is better, for MS • Biotech business • Matters of money. December

FitzGerald, Kevin
On display. March

Franzisket, Ludwig
E pluribus unum. May

Giannousis, Peter
Scaling the heights of productivity. July

Goldstein, Jorge A.
Patents and property. November

Giulianl, Kenneth A.
Fluorescent protein biosensors. August

Haskins, Jeffrey R.
Fluorescent protein biosensors. August

Jackson, Kathryn
MS and microbiology. March

Kelly, Mark
NMR on target. August

Koehler, Christopher S. W.
Watson and Crick—Beyond the double helix. April

Leblans, Marc
Scanning the code for combichem. February

Lesney, Mark S.
Gene therapy: Hope in a cautionary tale. January
Gene therapy revisited. March
Charting the bureaucracy of life. March
Timebomb: The Global Epidemic of Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. March
The anatomy of metabolism. April
Kinase inhibitors. May
Focus on phosphate. May
Caffeine chronicles. May
A knockouts tale. June
Playing the protein polyphony. June
Monoclonal en masse. July
Pharmacogenomics: Looking toward the payoff. July
Gearing up for speedy relief. August
Molds and maladies. August
RECIST is not futile. November
HIV therapy—out of balance. November
A jaundice view. November
The cellular solution. December
Aiming at apoptosis. December
Yellow jack. December
News Story: Affecting a jaundiced view? January
News Stories: Sense and mark-ability • Matching genes and substructures. February
News Story: Computer dating for GPCRs. March
News Story: Distal distortions, resistant HIV . April
News Stories: Aspirin toxicity—NO way. May
News Stories: Playing the protein polyphony • Artificial glycoviral vectors • Imaging with monoclonals. June
News Stories: Blood and gold • SECM sensitivy. July
News Stories: Triton trick • Greenhouse drug discovery. August
News Stories: GIP and glucose • Protein patterning. September
News Stories: RNA—totally, tubular • Antibody Pool-EASE! October
News Stories:The glycan can • Inducible gene vectors. November
News Story: Pinning a label. December

Lew, Belinda M.
Patents and property. May

Locke, Vicki L.
A thousand points of blue. April

Lofas, Stefan
SPRing screening. May

Martel, Ralph
Arrays of possibilities. November

McDowell, Julie
Elephantiasis. April
Tossing and turning. July
The Road to Stockholm: Nobel Prizes, Science, and Scientists. August
The Deadly Truth: A History of Disease in America. December

McGregor, Duncan
On display. March

McGuire, Nancy K.
A Web of support. March
Imaging: Portraits from life. April
Celiac disease. July
Moving with BioMEMS. November
News Story: Cotton: The fabric of our libraries. January
News Story: Mice glow . February
News Story: Nanoantidotes . March
News Stories: Mesoporous medicine • Sloan-Kettering goes herbal. April
News Stories: Protein chip • Chemical matchmaker. May
News Story: Just a hint of sugar. August
News Story: Intuition precedes computation. September

Nelson, Bill
Scaling the heights of productivity. July

Nochumson, Sam
A work in process. February

Ogihara, Nancy
Drawing out drugs. September

Pauwels, Rudi
Scanning the code for combichem. February

Pizzi, Richard A.
Developing diuretics. February
"Magic" monoclonals. June
The French connection. October

Richards, Linda
Are your shots current? November

Roelant, Chris
Scanning the code for combichem. February

Ruell, Jeffrey
Membrane-based drug assays. January
A measured solution. June

Ryan, James F.
Dick and Gene? January
The Executive Interview: Bill Linton. January
Agincourt. February
You can't always get what you want. March
Art, elegance, and the helix. April
The Executive Interview: Lissa Goldenstein. April
SARS wars. May
Maps and models. June
Nomenclature. July
The Executive Interview: Mike Collins. July
The new fluoridation? August
Spare me, HAL. September
Consumer Rx? October
The Executive Interview: Frank Laukien. October
Minirevolutions. November
Greetings and felicitations! December

Rylatt, Dennis B.
A thousand points of blue. April

Schmidt, Charles W.
Pharma down PAT. June
Therapeutic interference. July
Matters of money. March

Sem, Daniel
NMR on target. August

Smocovitis, Vassiliki Betty
Desperately seeking quinine. May

Tam, James
Scaling the heights of productivity. July

Tarquini, Michael
Altering the calcium landscape. October

Thornton, John T.
The tablet's coat du jour. May

Timmermans, Veronique
Pharmacological profiling. August

Villar, Hugo
NMR on target. August

Vogelson, Cullen T.
When the pills run out. August
Protecting privacy. December

Warner, Tim N.
A work in process. February

Welschof, Martin
Therapeutic antibodies. October

Whitemon, Eric
Chancroid. February
The Common Thread: A story of Science, Politics, Ethics, and the Human Genome. July

Willis, Felicia M.
A clockwork human. April
Chronic hiccups. June
Maryland: "Free State" or Bio State? October
Amebiasis. November
Alcoholism. December
Uppsala: The biotech heart of Sweden. December
Matters of money. December
News Story: Building bones. January
News Story: Beneficial tea . February
News Story: FDA looks forward. May
News Story: Lowering brain cholesterol. July
News Story: Meds management. August
News Story: Talking AIDS and alternatives. September
News Story: A web of health. October
News Story: Reducing mom-to-baby HIV transmission. December

Willis, Randall C.
Monitoring microbes. January
The virtual patient. February
Medical meddling? April
Fragile X syndrome. May
A matter of size. June
Pharmacogenomics: Looking toward the payoff. July
Antiphospholipid syndrome. September
Measuring modifications. October
The puzzle of the proteome. October
Aiming at apoptosis. December
News Stories: Single-cell genotyping • Signaling cell death. January
News Story: Cancer immunotheraphy. February
News Stories: Prognostic biomarker • Crystallize to deliver • β-Amyloid binders. March
News Stories: Yeast of burden • Gene machine glycobiology. April
News Stories: Combi-extensions • Going with the flow. May
News Stories: Pumping iron • Sample prep school • Changing peptide partners. June
News Stories: Breast cancer and antioxidants • Quantitative chemical proteomics. July
News Stories: Automated knockouts • Breast cancer marker? August
News Stories: Combichem QC • Bacterial drug delivery. September
News Stories: Lytic peptides and cancer • Self-indicating synthesis. October
News Stories: Viral nanosensor • Ramped-up screening. November
News Stories: Polymorphs in parallel • Natural products aMASSed. December

Ziebolz, Burkhard
From gene to protein. May