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News Of The Week
Littlest Nanotube
Skin Lotions & Potions
Borealis Expands
Houston's Air Quality
Cover Story
Quantum Computers
Table of Contents
November 6, 2000
Volume 78, Number 45
CENEAR 78 45 p. 3

Dow Gets a New Chief
Company veteran Michael Parker says it's time to focus on growth.
Morton Settles
Environmental violations lead to $38 million settlement.
Littlest Nanotube
Two groups report preparation of 4--thick carbon tubule.
Third-Quarter Earnings
Rising raw materials costs take their toll on chemical companies despite rising prices and increased sales.
Methanol - Olefins
Methylbenzene formation in porous catalyst provides the reactive link.
Poultry Antibiotics Ban
FDA seeks ban on two fluoroquinolones to reduce infection risk in humans.
Business Concentrates
Skin Lotions & Potions
Formulators are cooking up ingredients to combat the effects of aging.
Battles over Paclitaxel
Unraveling the convoluted legal battles surrounding the generic version of an anticancer drug.
Borealis Expands
Company uses its Borstar technology for polyolefin production, begins international growth.
Business Insights
C&EN's nascent curmudgeon vents on issues affecting his chemical world.
Government Concentrates
Climate Change
Some oil firms are cutting emissions and investing in renewable energy.
Houston's Air Quality
Study seeks to untangle complex atmospheric chemistry arising mostly from Houston Ship Channel activities.
Science/Technology Concentrates
Quantum Computers
Researchers call on chemists to help them tame the slippery quantum world.
Natural Products
High quality of Brazil's research is highlighted at a conference there.
"The Diagnosis"
Compelling novel captures our technological age and the spiritual poverty that can result from it.
"Properties of Light"
Based loosely on the life of a theoretical physicist, science-in-fiction novel has a gothic bent.
Editor's Page
New Products

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