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News Of The Week
Tin Finds Bronze Repellent
Superabsorbent Polymers
Cover Story
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Government & Policy
Ethics in Science
Science & Technology
MS of Proteins
Table of Contents
November 27, 2000
Volume 78, Number 48
CENEAR 78 48 p. 1

Tin Finds Bronze Repellent
Surface alloying of tin to copper is a complex process, video shows.
Climate-Change Conference
Little consensus existed on how to cut greenhouse gases as international talks entered second week.
A Dream Come True
New molecular material is both ferromagnetic and conductive.
Big Japanese Chemical Merger
Combination of Sumitomo Chemical and Mitsui Chemicals will create world's fifth largest producer.
ACS Journal Debuts
First issue of Crystal Growth & Design goes in the mail.
Business Concentrates
Superabsorbent Polymers
Worldwide investment continues even as industry growth begins to level off.
Skies Clearing for PET
Supply and demand finally seem to be balancing out for beleaguered producers.
Government Concentrates
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Negotiators will meet next week to decide whether to eliminate or reduce global production of these toxins.
Ethics in Science
At a recent forum, scientists grappled with moral and philosophical questions.
Science/Technology Concentrates
MS of Proteins
Mass spectrometry is carving out a complementary role to determine secondary and tertiary protein structure.
Novel Ketone Synthesis
Palladium-catalyzed coupling of thiol esters with boronic acids gives ketones under mild conditions.
What's That Stuff?
There's nothing silly about the chemistry behind the putty that has amused children for 50 years.
Science Insights
Recent publications that compile examples of good science writing lack chemistry contributions.
15th Winter Fluorine Conference
Upcoming Meetings And Events
Editor's Page

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