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News Of The Week
Lakes on Mars
Cover Story
World Chemical Outlook
Government & Policy
Air Pollution Research
Science & Technology
Most Proficient Enzyme
Table of Contents
December 11, 2000
Volume 78, Number 50
CENEAR 78 50 p. 3

Radical Film
Photosensitization concept doubles sensitivity of photographic materials.
Chemistry Chief To Leave NSF
Search is on for new division director, as Osteryoung announces retirement.
StarLink Still Plagues Aventis
Federal agencies ponder next steps while farmers seek damages.
Hudson River PCB Cleanup
EPA calls for $500 million dredging project; GE mounts brisk challenge.
ICI Completes Transformation
Firm sells off the last of its commodities businesses for $470 million.
Learning Math and Science
Eighth graders, while above the international average, don't score as well as they did in fourth grade.
Lakes on Mars
Sedimentary rock layers provide best evidence yet of watery past.
Business Concentrates
World Chemical Outlook
Uncertainty in U.S. economy casts cloud over continued worldwide industry growth.
Ending an Era
General Chemical is closing the last Solvay-process soda ash plant in North America.
Government Concentrates
Air Pollution Research
New EPA lab measures human health effects of air contaminants to support the agency's clean air regulations.
Chemical Hindsights
Why do developers and advocates of agbiotech make things more difficult for themselves than they need be?
Science/Technology Concentrates
New Lab at Oxford
Chemistry department strikes innovative deal with venture capitalist to finance construction of $100 million lab.
R&D Paradigm Shift 
Industrial R&D emphasizes alliances, moves from improvement of existing products to creation of new ones.
Most Proficient Enzyme
Orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase owes its effect to transition-state stabilization.
"Molecular Break Lights"
Fragments of hairpin-shaped DNAs break off and light up in the presence of DNA-cleaving agents.
Taxol Biosynthesis
Four research groups reveal remarkable single-step mechanism.
Make A Difference: Join The ACS Legislative Action Network
Chemical Landmark
A century of nucleic acid and protein chemistry at Rockefeller University is celebrated.
Editor's Page
Software/Online Briefs

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