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Volume 85, Number 3: January 15, 2007

Cover Story

Stem Cell Research

Researchers are teasing out the chemical preferences of stem cells and their relation to cancer; existing patents face challenges.

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News of the Week

A Fast Start For Congress

Democrats quickly push controversial measures through the House.

GE Explores Plastics Sale

A sale would follow divestment of silicones business last year.

Properties Depend On Cluster Size

Numbers of edge atoms dictate physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles.

DuPont Won't Treat Army's VX Hydrolysate

Company says getting approval for operating permit would be 'lengthy and arduous'.

Merck KGaA Revamps

Company eyes generics sale to help fund Serono buy.

Two Share Wolf Prize

2007 chemistry prize honors ribosome, photosynthesis advances.

Bacterial Cooperation

Marine organisms collaborate on metabolite production.

Quasicrystal Structure Solved

Structure solution draws on latest diffraction, modeling techniques.

Bisphenol A

Exposure to monomer causes chromosomal abnormalities in mice.


Business Concentrates

Chemical Stocks Beat The Rest

Shares of chemical firms outdid those of drug and biotech companies in the fourth quarter.

Back to Basics

Under new owner Danisco, Genencor drops health care strategy and focuses on enzymes.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Food Irradiation

Recent E. coli outbreaks heighten interest in the technology.

Those Were The Days

Gerald Ford presided over energy, environmental milestones.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Materials Science Stars in Boston

Action-packed presentations feature wasps, spiders, and nanotech.

Bill Nye

The former TV 'science guy' is a self-proclaimed nerd on a mission.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

ACS News

International Activities

Going global includes building partnerships worldwide and addressing violations of scientific freedom

Kirchhoff Is Named Director Of ACS Education Division



This year's conference will be held in Chicago.

Abstracts For Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting


2007 ACS National Award Winners

Carter, Cummins, Evans, Milstein, Siegrist, Trautmann, Williams, and the team of Barbachyn, Brickner, Hutchinson, and Manninen.

John Scott Award Goes to Davis and Weissman

Ronald Pugmire Is Henry H. Storch Awardee

Hillebrand Prize Goes To Robert Tycko

PMSE Names Fellows for 2007

Editor's Page

Progress On Stem Cells

The Departments




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