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Volume 85, Number 12: March 19, 2007

Cover Story

Pittcon 2007

Expanded technical program offered plethora of new instrumentation and equipment, including diagnostic tools and enhanced Raman spectroscopy.

Cover: Mitch Jacoby/C&EN

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News of the Week

Linking Together The Origins Of Life

Crystal structure supports notion of RNA as first biological molecule.

Biofuels Center Grows In West

Universities, government, and industry will advance biomass conversion.

Dow Issues Methane Challenge

Call for proposals targets direct conversion of methane into feedstocks.

Electron-Starved Enzyme

Cytochrome c oxidase model mimics natural electron-limited conditions

Muzzling Discussion

Interior bars Fish & Wildlife Service scientists from noting polar bear—climate-change nexus.

Venter's Adventure

Survey of marine microbes reveals a wealth of genetic diversity.

Struggle For Russian Academy

Officials want efficiency; academy wants autonomy.

Schering-Plough Steps Up for Organon

Deal is transforming for both Schering and Akzo Nobel

Research Outsourcing

Bristol-Myers Squibb, DuPont expand R&D operations in India.


Business Concentrates

'The Chemical Company'

Riding on record profits, BASF fits recent acquisitions into its expansive 'Verbund' business model.

Troubled Partnership

In the long tradition of U.S. industry-academic research collaborations, money could change everything.

A New Kind of Clean

Seventh Generation seeks out environmentally friendly detergent ingredients.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

U.S. Presses For New Nuclear Weapons

Debate heats up over DOE plan to transform nuclear complex and produce new warheads.

Securing Chemical Facilities

Industry applauds DHS's proposed regulations, while lawmakers and environmentalists slam them.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Styrene Breakthrough

Novel engineered catalyst opens up alternative route to commodity polymer feedstock.


Brummond Wins 2006 Akron Section Award

Polymer Chemistry Award Goes To Anne Mayes

Stoddart Wins King Faisal International Prize

Harran Is Winner of 2007 Hackerman Award

ISMAR Prize Goes to Seiji Ogawa

ACS News

Comment - ACS GCI Focuses On Sustainability


Rock Star

A science writer tells the story—or at least some of it—behind a controversial meteorite from Mars.

Editor's Page

Pittcon And More

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