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Volume 85, Number 13: March 26, 2007

Cover Story

Priestley Medalist

George M. Whitesides receives the 2007 award for his achievements as a Harvard teacher, business leader, and government adviser.

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News of the Week

Vitamin B-12 Mystery Is Solved

Enzyme structure reveals that one vitamin is cannibalized to make another.

India's Patent Controversy

Patent committee chairman resigns following criticism.

Political Science

House panel hears about editing of reports, interference with scientists' communications.

Brute Force Breaks Bonds

Ultrasound directs ring-opening reactions in more than expected ways.

Dow Plans Propylene Glycol From Renewable Feedstock

Company is latest to find new use for glycerin, a vegetable-oil-based raw material.

Redefining Waste

EPA proposes to allow sale, recycling of some materials regulated as hazardous waste.

Nitrile-Alkyne Cross-Metathesis

Process for converting nitriles into alkynes expands the utility of metathesis reactions.

Chemical Plant Security

Congress tries to alter anticipated DHS regulations

Stem Cells

NIH director calls for expanded federal policy.


Business Concentrates

Petrochemicals: Good Times For Now

North American olefins producers are still enjoying prosperity but are wary of a looming downturn.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Tight Budget For Chemical Controls

EPA seeks ways to cut costs in reviewing new chemicals, protecting confidential data.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Mixed R&D Outlook For Industry

U.S. companies expect to hike R&D spending without increasing hiring in 2007.

Mae Jemison

Astronaut, medical doctor, dancer, entrepreneur, actor, science communicator—is there anything she can't do?.


Herzberg Medal Awarded To David Dolphin

Nina Berova Wins Chirality Medal

Radding Award Open For Nominations

Nominations Sought For Nichols Medal

Nominations For 2007 Akron Award

Nominations Sought For Buck-Whitney Award


Chemists Of Color

It takes more than good intentions to achieve diversity in the chemical workforce.


39th Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting

The Departments




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