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Volume 85, Number 32: August 6, 2007

Cover Story

Centering On Chirality

Chemists are finding asymmetric synthesis increasingly handy for making pharmaceutical compounds at large scale.
Web Exclusive - New Horizons Along Asymmetric Routes
Academic researchers describe new synthetic approaches at Chiral Chemistry meeting.
Cover: Robin Braverman/C&EN

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News of the Week

Bacterial Wall Component Made

Synthesis of arabinan domain could aid tuberculosis drug discovery.

More Concerns Over Bisphenol A

Human exposures are usually as high as those causing profound effects in rodents.

Brian Crawford Will Head ACS Publications

Journals executive plans to leverage Web, other technologies.

Akzo Nobel Tries Again For ICI

Dutch company and Henkel will split ICI units if improved takeover bid goes through.

Johnson & Johnson Tightens Belt

Firm will cut jobs and consolidate facilities to offset decline in product revenue.

Aerosols Warm Up Atmosphere

Study of 'brown clouds' over Asia contradicts cooling hypothesis.

Tailor-Made Nanostructures

New methods offer precise control of polymeric micelles.

Eastman Pushes Gasification

Company says multi-billion-dollar projects are an end run around energy prices.

Homeland Security

Like House, Senate bill would let states enact chemical plant security laws that are tougher than federal standards.

ACS News

Council Preview

Light agenda for Boston meeting will include committee elections, petition.

ACS Comment

Ambassadors for science, technology & education in the 21st century.

Editor's Page

It's Not Easy Being Green

Special guest editorial by Joseph G. Acker.

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» Business

August 6, 2007

Cleaning Up In Electronics

Chemical companies work to upgrade cleaners for next-generation computer chips.

Getting Past Bhopal

Documents show that Dow Chemical has been pressing India to disassociate the firm from the 1984 tragedy.

'Top 50' Correction

BASF was tops in 2006, edging out Dow Chemical.

Nix Quarterly Guidance

Business think tank says earnings projections put too much emphasis on short term.

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» Government & Policy

August 6, 2007

Congress Boosts DOE Science Funds

Office of Science, other R&D programs fare well as agency’s 2008 appropriation moves through Congress.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

August 6, 2007

What's That Stuff? Chewing Gum

Popular confection began as a not-so-sweet treat from trees.

Toxicity Testing Without Animals

High-throughput methods could reduce need for animals when assessing toxicity of chemicals in environment.

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