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Volume 85, Number 35: August 27, 2007

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Tapping The Sun

Basic chemistry drives development of new low-cost solar cells.

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News of the Week

ACS Focuses On Biotech For Health In Boston

Many events were recorded and are available online.

An NIH Director Steps Aside

A sweeping investigation is under way at environmental health sciences institute.

Clouds Loom Over Deal Frenzy

The debt crunch may encumber chemical deals, experts say.

Sulfate Extractor

Macrocycle excels at removing sulfate anion from nitrate-rich aqueous solutions.

Polluting China

Some big names in the chemical industry appear on a list of those cited for water pollution in China.

Unique Enzyme Could Lead To Novel Antibiotics

Promiscuous transglutaminase in andrimid biosynthesis might yield improved analogs.

Nanotube Synthesis Emits Toxic By-Products

Evaluating small-scale processes could shed light on potential large-scale environmental issues.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Researchers find a new way to split dinitrogen.

BASF, Dow Philanthropy

World's two largest chemical companies donate money and property to two universities.

Selenium Doubles Up In Proteins

Diselenide bonds could play a role in redox regulation.

Earliest Diamonds Stir Up Debate

Gems in zircon grains may revise notions of early Earth events.

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Project SEED: does It Work?

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» Business

August 27, 2007

Small French Firm’s Bold Dream

Metabolic Explorer hopes to beat chemical industry majors in the fermentation game for bulk chemicals.

The Patent Leader

Dupont scores tops in survey intended to connect intellectual property and financial performance.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

August 27, 2007

Early Warning On Chemical Regulations

U.S. businesses struggle to figure out how to track and influence emerging policies on chemicals.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

August 27, 2007

Proteins From Birth To Death

From their biosynthesis to their folding, signaling, and degradation, proteinscommand the attention of many researchers.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and business news for the laboratory world.

Chemistry Unexpected

Simple chemistry brings a Pennsylvania creek back to life.

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