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Volume 85, Number 37: September 10, 2007

Cover Story

Mimicking Biological Systems

Control of the chemistry and physics of cell-populated microenvironments reveals new biology.

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News of the Week

All Roads Lead To Hydroxyl Radicals

Compounds with different targets trigger common killing mechanism.

House Supports Green Chemistry

Bill aims to eliminate hazardous effects of chemical manufacturing.

Virus May Be Cause Of Honeybee Loss

Chemical stressors may weaken bees' immunity, researchers suggest.

China Raises Heat On Polluters

Agencies act to halt pollution, which is worsening despite repeated attempts to control it.

Valuing Flared Natural Gas

World Bank urges an end to burning the resource as waste.

SABIC Has GE Plastics

Just three months after it was announced, the $11.6 billion deal is complete despite credit market turmoil.

Popcorn Minus Diacetyl

Microwave popcorn makers are removing additive because of concern for workers' and now consumers' health.

Silicon Dopants

3-D maps reveal clumping of desirable impurities.

Delivering Gene Therapy

Synthetic system uses hydrogen bonding to secure nucleic acids while in transit.

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» Business

September 10, 2007

Research With A Commercial Edge

RTI International takes a business approach to solving societal and science problems.

China Reforms Drug Oversight

Changes are aimed at improving safety of pharmaceuticals and encouraging innovation.

C&EN Talks With Herbert Boyer

Modest innovator laid the groundwork for the biotechnology industry.

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» Government & Policy

September 10, 2007

Fakes And Forgeries

Museum, FBI, and materials scientist reveal ploys used to produce fraudulent art.

Hindsights: An Unexplained Pause

NSF probes the recent unexpected flat spot in the number of scientific journal articles from U.S. institutions.

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» Science & Technology

September 10, 2007

Printing Without Ink

Consumers will soon get digital prints in an instant, thanks to organic dyes.

Fluorous Peptides Get Ready To Heal

Fluorinated analogs of natural products start to take shape as potential therapeutic drugs.

Digital Briefs

New software and websites for the chemical enterprise.

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