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Volume 85, Number 42: October 15, 2007

Cover Story

From Refuse To Reuse

To keep growing, the plastics recycling industry needs more feedstock from cities and their residents.

Cover: Larry Strong/Norcal Waste

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News of the Week

A Nobel Birthday Surprise

German chemist nabs prize for surface science on his 71st birthday.

Toxicogenomics Target

NRC calls for huge research initiative to bring new technologies to fruition.

Gates Charity Adds Fast-Track Grants

Foundation's program provides new option for funding early-stage research.

Nobel Prize In Medicine

Trio shares prize for 'knockout' mouse development.

Sneak Peak At National Chemistry Week

Celebration will focus on chemistry's diversity.

Weak Forces

Method reveals changes induced by subtle means.

BASF Dedicates Two Texas Plants

New world-scale plants integrate polymer manufacturing.

Nobel Prize In Physics

Pair shares prize for discovery that enabled high-density computer hard disks.

Sticky Feat

Reusable elastomer adhesive features liquid-filled microchannels resembling those in the feet of frogs and crickets.


Modernizing Chem Engineering

Database helps chemical engineering professors inject biotechnology into undergraduate core curriculum.


Weighing Toxic Torts

Book outlines the gulf between science and the law.

ACS Comment

Can We Compete?

By Catherine T. Hunt, ACS President.

The Departments



» Business

October 15, 2007

Chemical Stocks Outperform Again

Index of 25 chemical companies continues to beat other industry sectors.

Optimism In Europe

Despite challenges, studies predict the European chemical industry will remain a global leader.

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» Government & Policy

October 15, 2007

Setting Priorities For Nanotech

The state of environmental, health, and safety research of engineered nanoparticles gets a critical exam.

Web Exclusive

Challenges of risk-based nanotech research.

Surfactant Scrutiny

EPA considers requiring tests on nonylphenol ethoxylates for long-term effects on aquatic life.

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» Science & Technology

October 15, 2007

Fine Art Gets A Nano Sponge Bath

Tiny particles help tidy up delicate frescoes.

What's That Stuff? Adhesive Tape

Tiny bits of tacky tape hold together modern life.

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