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Volume 85, Number 49: December 3, 2007

Cover Story

Pharma Adapts

The industry is accelerating into high-growth markets, but cost-cutting measures and increasing FDA scrutiny make times tough.

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News of the Week

Probing Large Protein Systems

Approach yields first detailed analysis of 456-protein nuclear pore complex. With Video

China Releases New Cleanup Plan

Government expects to spend close to $200 billion over three years.

White House Honors Chemist For Mentoring

Louisiana State University's Saundra McGuire has made mentoring the mission of her 35-year career.

EPA Rebuked

Congress asks for more analysis of proposal for burning hazardous waste as fuel.

Dow And Gazprom

Venture with Russian natural gas producer is Dow's latest bid for low-cost feedstocks and access to emerging markets.

Shrinky Dink Devices

Children's toy simplifies fabrication of molds for microfluidic devices.

Getting Close To Venus

Venus Express spacecraft tracks escaping ions, lightning on Earth’s twin. With Animation

Diamond's Surface Conductivity

Charge transfer to aqueous redox couple may explain unusual surface properties.

Green Chill

EPA partnership encourages use of new refrigerants and prevention of leaks.

ACS News

Class Of 2006 Salaries And Jobs

Job situation for 2006 chemistry graduates was not too bad, but salaries for new Ph.D.s stumbled.


C&EN Blogs From South Africa

Chemical & Engineering News’ Amanda Yarnell reports from CHEMRAWN XII in Cape Town, South Africa.

Blog Bali

Daily dispatches of news and observations from The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia from ES&T's Erika Engelhaupt.

Video: The Yeast Nuclear Pore Complex

Approach yields first detailed analysis of 456-protein nuclear pore complex.

Video: Musical Interlude

An animation of CO oxidation put to music by composer Philip Mayers for Gerhard Ertl in 1996.

Animation: Atmosphere Movement

Images taken by the European Space Agency's Venus Express spacecraft show movement over the southern hemisphere of Venus.

The Departments



» Business

December 3, 2007

Chemical Tango

Petrochemical meeting in Argentina puts alternative feedstocks on the agenda.

Personalized Medicine Pow-wow

Pioneers in genetics-based therapies discuss the evidence for industry's evolution.

Insights: Looking Back

C&EN's resident curmudgeon recalls the fun of mergers and acquisitions.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

December 3, 2007

The End Of The Light Bulb

Global warming, ever-expanding energy demand pave way for new lighting technologies.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

December 3, 2007

Methanol’s Allure

Simplest alcohol shows promise as a feedstock and fuel.

Surface Surveyor

Gerhard Ertl's mapping of chemical landscapes landed him the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. With Video

A Simpler Window On The Brain

Functional near-infrared imaging shows promise as a research and clinical tool to study brain activity.

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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