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Volume 85, Number 51: December 17, 2007

Cover Story

The Costs Of Biofuels

Two views on whether corn ethanol and, eventually, ethanol from cellulosic biomass will efficiently deliver national energy security.

Cover: Langemach/Newscom

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News of the Week

Dow To Exit Commodity Chemicals

Company will form massive joint venture with Kuwaiti firm.

Eisai To Acquire MGI Pharma

Japanese firm is the latest to expand by buying a U.S. biotech firm.

House Examines Chemical Plant Security

Industry wants Congress to give DHS regulations a chance.

Bali Climate Meeting Turns Up The Heat

United Nations talks result in a push for global action.

ACS Board Actions

ACS Board of Directors sets 2008 budget, reelects Judith Benham as board chair, among other actions.

Senate Clears Energy Bill

With tax provisions removed, Senate overwhelmingly passes bill.

Middle Ground

Conference uses science to build bridges in the Middle East.

Night-Shining Clouds

Studies of high-altitude clouds may illuminate atmospheric changes.With Video

Energy Recovery

Microorganisms can help squeeze methane out of oil fields.


Enthusiasm For Inventors

Two books take a close look at the inventive scientists behind lifesaving drugs and carbonated candy.

ACS News

ACS Comment

All aboard the innovation train!

National Chemistry Week Celebrates 20 Years

The 'Many Faces Of Chemistry' theme highlights the diversity of chemists and their careers. With Photo Gallery

Environmental Improvement

Committee is promoting sustainability within ACS and in society at large.

ACS Hosts Reception To Thank Award Sponsors

Green Chemistry PRF Grants Available

ACS Scholars Program Accepting 2008-09 Applications


Videos: Get the point!

Commercial lithium-ion and novel lithium-titanate batteries are subjected to industry standard abuse tests in three videos.

Video: High Altitude Clouds

Polar mesospheric clouds at the North Pole were observed by the AIM satellite from May to September.

Photo Gallery: Stamped In The History Of Chemisty

A selection of stamps, first-day covers, and postmarks that feature chemistry celebrities, famous molecules, and more.

Photo Gallery: Faces And Posters

The 'Many Faces of Chemistry' were on display during National Chemistry week through ACS local section promotions and the K-12 Poster Contest.

The Bali Blog: Time To Get Serious

Ministers, heads of state, men with guns and an impasse heats up the UN Climate Change Conference.

The Departments




» Business

December 17, 2007

Patent Anxiety

GlaxoSmithKline's move against changes at the Patent Office highlights a perceived threat to drug research.

Cristal Clear

Titanium dioxide's new number two player gives its view of the market.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

December 17, 2007

Group Science

After more than two decades, NSF's Chemistry Division adds a research center to its portfolio.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

December 17, 2007

Burning Batteries

Hazardous failures of lithium-ion batteries are uncommon, yet researchers strive to minimize dangers.With Videos


Chemistry stamps depict key discoveries, famous chemists, and chemical errors.With Photo Gallery

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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