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Volume 86, Number 09: March 3, 2008

Cover Story

Max Planck Society Moves Stateside

Germany's prestigious research society sets up shop in Florida even as it faces criticism at home.

Society Addresses Its Difficult Past

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News of the Week

Real-Life Trial Of CO2 Capture

First step to CO2 sequestration to be tested at Wisconsin coal-fired power plant.

Dow May Exit Some Businesses

Polymer operations with $2 billion in sales are being evaluated.

Graphite Whiskers Found In Meteorites

Needle shapes may explain dimming of astronomical light.

California Fights For Emissions Standards

Legislators battle White House, EPA chief over state's plan.

Maya Blue Mystery

Researchers discover ancient mixture used to concoct durable pigment.

Companies Meet Vaccine Needs

Yellow fever outbreak and neglected diseases spur corporate vaccine efforts.

Virus Capsid Reveals Surprises

Improved resolution uncovers a second protein in outer protein shell.

Different Inside And Out

New route yields selectively functionalized porous materials.

Wellman Declares Bankruptcy

Polyester maker's fate is up to the courts.

ACS News

ACS Comment

The ACS Strategic Plan 2008 and beyond: we need you!

Employment & Salary Survey

In 2007, job market for chemists continued to improve and salary gains held at recent level of close to 5%.

Postgraduate Guidance

ACS workshop gives doctoral students a fuller understanding of their career options after graduate school.


A Two-Track Course

Institutions of higher learning implement family-friendly practices to ease the tenure-track burden for female academics.

The Departments




» Business

March 3, 2008

Minding the Gaps

Almac weaves its five divisions into a drug development services network.

Chemistry and Northern Ireland

Allen McClay shares his vision of the pharma services business.

Record Year For Chemical Mergers

Companies pursued change in 2007 in spite of credit market turmoil.

Insights: Reckoning Day

Liveris' predictions for the fine chemicals industry miss the mark.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

March 3, 2008

Testing More Chemicals Faster

Federal agencies collaborate on high-throughput toxicity studies to generate data for regulation.

Nanotech Strategy

Prioritizing federal efforts for studying health and safety of nanomaterials evolves.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

March 3, 2008

'Breaking Bad'

Novel TV show features chemist making crystal meth.

More Than Just Pores

Ion channels can also act as enzymes and communication links.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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