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Volume 86, Number 11: March 17, 2008

Cover Story

Coal: The New Black

Long eclipsed by oil and natural gas as a raw material for high-volume chemicals, coal is making a comeback.

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News of the Week

Young Scientists Get Backing

Research institutions plead for more federal funding and proffer early-career scientists new awards.

Lilly Drops Inhaled Insulin

Move adds to growing list of failures for the technology.

OSHA Targets Chemical Plants

Agency will inspect industry's operations with far greater scrutiny.

Spotting H2O2

Sensor capitalizes on contrasts in redox chemistry.

Incitec Pivot To Buy Dyno Nobel

Merger worth $3.1 billion brings together fertilizers and explosives.

Industry Voices Concern With Bill

Chemical makers say House measure would allow government to dictate industrial processes.

Soon In Germany, U.S. Ph.D. = Dr.

Officials move to allow U.S. doctoral graduates to use the title "Dr." in Germany.

A Catalytic First

Bacteria master reaction by making the substrate a radical.

EPA Sets Stricter Ozone Standard

Chemical manufacturers say change is unnecessary and too costly.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Avogadro's number is up ...

Council Will Face Three Petitions

Actions in New Orleans could redefine ACS membership, change nomination and election procedures.

235th ACS National Meeting

Technical Program and Exposition

Highlights, list of technical presentations, and description of exhibitors in New Orleans, April 6-10.

The Departments



» Business

March 17, 2008

Building A Towering Success

Swiss chemical industry focuses on innovation to keep one step ahead of competitors.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

March 17, 2008

FDA Confronts Nanotechnology

Agency believes it has the authority it needs to regulate nanomaterials.

Assault On Asbestos

Congress moves to ban fibrous mineral, and exemption for chlor-alkali makers is not certain.

Mixing It Up

New congressional diversity and innovation caucus gives minority stakeholder groups a voice.

Agent Orange's Legacy

The battle over dioxin and reputed health problems shaped public perception of chemicals.

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» Science & Technology

March 17, 2008

NMR Method Downsizes

Technique favored for determining macromolecular structures zooms in on small molecules.

What's That Stuff? Contact Lenses

From Plexiglas to silicone hydrogels—the materials that let you see through to the other side.

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