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Volume 86, Number 16: April 21, 2008

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Lab-To-Market Connection

Specialty chemical companiestry to ward off commoditization of their products with a mix of marketing, formulation, and basic R&D.

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News of the Week

Size-Selective Acid Catalysis

Framework pores control substrate access to exposed metal ions.

AstraZeneca And Ranbaxy Settle Suit

Nexium agreement still has to get past regulators

Toxicity Reexamined

Critics say new EPA policy opens more opportunities for agencies' input.

A Fast Track To Green Gasoline

Catalytic pyrolysis turns cellulose into fuel components in just one step.

Codexis Going Public

Biocatalyst developer files for initial public offering of $100 million, but there are risks.

Bisphenol A Called Mostly Safe

Draft report sees some concern for infants, children.

Sugar Link Calms Inflammation

Modified antibody could underpin better autoimmune therapies.

Balancing The Safety Board

CSB head wants to diversify board membershipCSB head wants to diversify board membership.

Evolution Of Rose Aroma Explained

Mutation produces enzyme that makes scent production efficient.

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Money matters.

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» Business

April 21, 2008

Moving Forward By Bending Backward

Basell's acquisition of Lyondell is bringing the polyolefins maker new feedstocks and new businesses.

Supplying Drugs To The World's Poor

WTO process enables poor countries to get patented drugs at reduced prices, but it's seldom used.

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» Government & Policy

April 21, 2008

Patent Dispute

Feds mull appeal of ruling that favors pharmaceutical sector.

Nano TV Series Debuts

States may have to step into breach while legal battle continues over EPA rule.

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» Science & Technology

April 21, 2008

Chemistry Gumbo A La New Orleans

ACS Meeting News: Highlights include antimicrobials from alligators, mimicking switchability of sea cucumber skin, and more.

Multilayer Metal-Organic Films Go 3-D

Metal-ligand coordination and π–π interactions provide unprecedented structure to layered molecular assemblies.

C&EN Talks With: Thomas Cech

In relinquishing the helm at HHMI, Nobel prize-winning biochemist will return to research and teaching roots.

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry.

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