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Volume 86, Number 18:May 5, 2008

Cover Story

The Forever Waste

A long view of high-level radioactive waste raises ethical questions of intergenerational respnsibilities.

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News of the Week

Sugars Imaged In Live Animals

Technique is 'global positioning system' for tracking glycans in organisms.

Europe's Results Signal A Downturn

First quarter is marked by earnings drops.

Academy Elects New Members

NAS elects 72 new members and 18 foreign associates from nine countries.

DSM Invests In Medical Polymers

Dutch firm acquires California's Polymer Technology Group.

Scientific Integrity On The Line

Credibility of EPA's chemical assessments is in jeopardy.

Ferreting Out HIV

Compound that pulls the virus out of hiding is synthesized.


A new twist on nanowire growth leads to stunning structures.

Tribute To Public Service

ACS honors three public servants for pushing the innovation agenda.

Pipeline Woes

Recent drug failures dim industry prospects.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Take a look at the new ACS PRF.

Council Approves Membership Overhaul

Action in New Orleans sets the stage for undergraduates to become voting members of ACS.

Academic Professional Guidelines

Council's Recorded Vote on Petition

Exposing Kids To Chemistry

ACS Outreach Program improves science education one child at a time.

The Departments




» Business

May 5, 2008

Top 50 Chemical Producers

Many contestants in C&EN's annual ranking of U.S. company sales hold on to their positions.

C&EN Talks With: Irving Rothman

English professor and scholar of 18th-century literature says business writing is all about clarity and precision.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

May 5, 2008

Gavel Comes Down on EPA Regulations

Courts find string of Bush Administration's Clean Air Act rules unlawful.

Court Castigation

Fairy tales and judicial opinions.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

May 5, 2008

Enzyme Design Papers Retracted

Retractions set off controversy but seem unlikely to stymie progress in the field.

Absinthe Myths Finally Laid To Rest

Vintage samples of the notorious alcoholic drink don't contain high levels of psychoactive compound.

Power To The Students

Grad students produce high-profile symposium as part of an innovative education initiative.

Perfecting An Artificial Pancreas

Specialized polymer is key to insulin-regulating device.

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