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Volume 86, Number 20: May 19, 2008

Cover Story

Sourcing From China

Despite recent problems, Chinese suppliers remain an essential source of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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News of the Week

Seeing Molecules Change Shape

New technique makes it possible to analyze picosecond molecular dynamics.

Profits Derail In Japan

Major Japanese firms suffered sharp drops in earnings.

Exotic Lighting

Quasiparticles are used to make a light-emitting diode.

Unattended Tank Led To Explosion

Chemical safety board vows to push for clearer authority.

Evestra Debuts

Firm spun off from private foundation will focus on women's health.

Earthquake Halts Chemical Output

Chinese producers suffer damage but extent is unclear.

Hope For Preeclampsia Victims

Finding may aid diagnosis, treatment of pregnancy condition.

Alexander Rich Wins Welch Award

MIT professor is honored for his lifelong work on DNA and RNA.

Chemist Wins Top Job At UNC

Holden Thorp will be Chapel Hill’s 10th chancellor.


Seal Of Approval

Undergraduate research program boosts collaboration with Louisiana's industry.

SciFest Africa

Innovative hands-on festival gets kids excited about science.


Finding Jobs In Biopharma

Book is a guide to myriad pathways in the biotech industry for all players.

» Business

May 19, 2008

Chemical Earnings Rise In Quarter

Agriculture, electronics, and increased pricing help firms dodge weak U.S. demand.

U.S. Pharma's Cholesterol Woes

First-quarter earnings reflect turmoil in the cholesterol-lowering market.

Growth Moderates At Biotech Firms

Major players experience a slowdown as they launch fewer new drugs.

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» Government & Policy

May 19, 2008

Generic Biologics

Congress struggles to reach consensus on pathway to cheaper versions of protein drugs.

Chemical Killing

Controversy continues over lethal injection drugs despite recent Supreme Court decision.

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» Science & Technology

May 19, 2008

Digging Beneath The Martian Surface

Scientists hope the Phoenix spacecraft will send home clues about Mars's mysterious past. With Podcast

A Mouthful Of Evidence

The ratio of calcium and strontium in baby teeth enamel reveals infant diet.

C&EN Talks With: Brian Malow

For this comedian, science is not just a source of awe but also the stuff that mirth is made of.

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