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Volume 86, Number 21: May 26, 2008

Cover Story

Up From Desktops

The leading suppliers of personal and business information technology—Microsoft, Google, Dell—are making a move in the life sciences laboratory.

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News of the Week

Discoveries From Venus And Mars

Hydroxyl and silica found on Earth's neighbors.

Cost Of China Earthquake Rises

Chemical companies report damage in affected area.

Farm Bill Moves Ahead

Energy provisions focus on cellulosic biofuels.

Nanotube Inflammation

Long, thin carbon structures exhibit asbestos-like pathogenicity in mice.

Latin America

Brazilian firms plan petrochemical complex for Peru.

Evonik Closer To Going Public

A third-party investor may have first crack at buying shares.

Honeybee Loss

Germany suspends use of clothianidin after the pesticide is linked to honeybee deaths.


Fast Track To Finding A Job

Ten tips for getting the industry job you want.

The Departments



» Business

May 26, 2008

BASF Is Betting On The Farm

Spending on agriculture R&D nets a new herbicide and a biotech partnership.

Handing Over The U.K. Chemist's Baton

New appointment aims to maintain cutting edge of statutory British office's analytical chemistry.

Betting on the Right Drug

Instead of investing in companies, Symphony Capital finances drug candidates that meet strict criteria.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

May 26, 2008

A Tsunami Of Electronic Waste

No high-tech solutions for the detritus of the Information Revolution.

Coping With Change

Forum tells researchers to expect less money and an emphasis on problem solving in the future.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

May 26, 2008

The Import Of Impact

New types of journal metrics grow more influential in the scientific community.

House Cleaning

Coping with errors, ambiguity, and fudging in the realm of citations. Web Exclusive

Insights: Redefining The Kilogram

A new kilogram standard is coming. What does it mean for science?

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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