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Volume 86, Number 22: June 2, 2008

Cover Story

Harnessing Helices

Chemical braces hold peptides in place, heralding a potential new class of therapeutics.

Peptide Stabilization

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News of the Week

Tailor-Made Crystals

Structure-directing synthesis increases fraction of reactive facets.

Dow Chemical Hikes Prices

Company blames Uncle Sam for high raw material costs.

Scientists Protest in France

Researchers object to proposed restructuring of CNRS.

Kavli Prize Winners

Nanoscience award recipients developed quantum dots, carbon nanotubes.

A Perfect Landing

Phoenix spacecraft sets up for chemistry experiments on Mars.

Love Potion

Orchids masquerade as exotic female bees to attract males.

Drug Discovery

Alnylam licenses RNAi technology to Takeda for Asian market.

Buyers in Talks for Chemtura

Apollo, Blackstone are said to be discussing price and financing details.

More Money For Science, Maybe

Senate attaches funds for science in war supplemental bill.


The Myriad Images of Chemistry

Book presents a wealth of information on how chemistry has been viewed over time.

ACS News

Starting Salaries

2007 chemistry graduates entered a still relatively strong U.S. job market and did quite well.

The Departments




» Business

June 2, 2008

Tidying Up Paint

Industry relies on chemical suppliers to help lower environmental impact and raise performance.

The Catalyst Caper

High prices for precious metals make catalytic converters a target of theft.

Insights: Body Count

What if they had a genomics revolution and nobody showed up?

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» Government & Policy

June 2, 2008

Bisphenol A Under Scrutiny

Congress, media call into question safety of widely used plastics chemical.

Patent Reform Stalls In Senate

Business community is divided over how to modernize regulatory structure.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

June 2, 2008

The Louvre Laboratory

A subterranean research center buzzes beneath Paris' most famous museum.

C&EN Talks With: H. Holden Thorp

Chemist prepares to ascend to top job at UNC Chapel Hill, where he plans to focus on faculty recruitment and retention.

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