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Volume 86, Number 25: June 23, 2008

Cover Story

Devising Healthier Foods

Enhancing the good components and removing the unhealthy ones may prevent disease.

Understanding Healthier Foods With Analytical Chemistry

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News of the Week

Hawthorne Is 2009 Priestley Medalist

Boron chemistry pioneer is recognized for lifetime contributions to inorganic chemistry.

Rohm And Haas Cuts Back

Plant closures, job cuts aim to restore profitability.

Chemistry Olympiad Team Chosen

Four high school students will travel to Budapest to represent the U.S.

Hexion Seeks To End Huntsman Deal

Firm cites Huntsman's finances, banks' reluctance as reasons to renege on merger.

National Service Awards Announced

Three chemistry educators will be recognized next year.

Evolving Science

BIO conference attendees consider the future of health care.

REACH For Carbon

To deal with nanoscale forms of carbon, Europeans amend chemical registration law.

Martian Soil Gets Baked

Gas analyzer heats sample dug by Phoenix lander.

Research Misconduct

Survey finds many incidents go unreported to officials.


Round And Round

A sample of cobalt oxide catalyst nanoparticles supported on a carbon nanofiber rotating through 360 degrees.

On The Move

Two videos recorded in a transmission electron microscope capture a lone biotinylated triamide molecule attached to a carbon nanotube-like structure undergoing conformational changes.

The Great Escape

A molecular dynamics simulation shows the escape of molecules placed inside a prism, leaving behind an empty space.

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» Business

June 23, 2008

Making More In America

Cambridge Major is moving up to commercial-scale production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Capturing Carbon

Novomer aims to turn carbon dioxide into something useful.

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» Government & Policy

June 23, 2008

Tougher Tank Cars

Shippers say federal plan to boost safety of hazmat rail transport needs more work.

Congress Addresses Nanotechnology

Bill reauthorizes federal initiative to monitor and guide R&D in emerging area.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

June 23, 2008

Electron Microscopy For Chemists

Advances in imaging and elemental analysis move TEM toward the realm of analytical chemistry. With Videos

A Fat Chance To Cure Cancer

Blocking fatty acid assembly is a potential strategy against disease.

Molecular Cage May Contain ... Nothing

Self-assembled prisms may enclose empty spaces rather than solvent. With Video

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

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