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Volume 86, Number 30: July 28, 2008

Cover Story

Global Top 50

Sales and profits rise at most of the world's top chemical companies.

Cover: SABIC-Europe

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News of the Week

Roche's Reversal

Swiss drugmaker wants to bring long-independent Genentech into the fold.

Bubble Fusion Burst

Researcher engaged in misconduct, committee finds.

Contest For Chemists

Journal issues challenge to create method for predicting solubility.

Chemical Makers Feel The Pinch

High oil prices crimp earnings, but sun shines on agriculture.

Guarding Against Fakes

Federal government opens a center to protect and enforce intellectual property rights.

Visualizing Hydrogen Peroxide

New fluorophore lights up hydrogen peroxide in live mitochondria.

Protective Protein

Membrane enzyme maintains tuberculosis bacterium's pH.

Chemistry Competition

Several teams make history at International Chemistry Olympiad.


Crime Solving With Chemistry

The chemistry tools and methods used by crime scene investigators are explained.

ACS News

ACS Comment

ACS guidelines: past, present, and future.

236th ACS National Meeting

236th ACS National Meeting

Technical program for August 17-21 in Philadelphia.

The Departments




» Business

July 28, 2008

Food Makers Follow Their Hearts

Omega-3 fish oils and plant sterols star at food tech show.

Sweet Nature

Cargill's sugarlike truvia is made from a plant with a lot of history.

Chinese Advantage Rooted In The U.S.

Aiming to offer the best, some Chinese entrepreneurs base their companies in the U.S. but do R&D and production in China.

Asymchem Pervades China

An Olympic Drag On Industry

Temporary security measures disrupt manufacturing and research operations in China.

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» Government & Policy

July 28, 2008

Plutonium Problems

Radioactive spill at NIST's Boulder facility raises questions about agency's preparedness.

Mercury Down The Drain

Congress moves to limit discharge of dental mercury into wastewater.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

July 28, 2008

Iron's Star Rising

For more sustainable chemical processing, chemists are exploring catalysts based on abundant and increasingly versatile iron.

Dalton Crosses The Pond

European inorganic chemistry meeting comes to Berkeley to showcase main-group chemistry.

ACS Inorganic Division Adds U.S. Touch To Dalton Discussions

Olympic Air Quality Questionable

Athletes going for gold worry about Beijing's air.

Surprises On Mercury

Spacecraft finds evidence of volcanism and water.

Sunshine Sails

Propelled through space by the pressure of photons, solar sails need to be lightweight, thin, and durable.

Insights: Eating As An Environmentalist

What you eat matters more than how far it traveled.

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry.

An Appetite For Science

For Food Network host Alton Brown, science plays more than a cameo role. Web Exclusive

Sugar-Coated Science

Cooking and comedy combine for some sweet results. With Photo Gallery

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