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Volume 86, Number 33: August 18, 2008

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Special Issue: Sustainability

C&EN's complete coverage on the issue, the standards, the efforts and the hurdles to achieving sustainability goals. includes a comprehensive C&EN Sustainability Reader.

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Special Issue: Sustainability

Converging Pathways

Chemical companies and environmentalists edge closer together in the pursuit of sustainability.

Accounting For Sustainability

International standards help companies talk about sustainability

Calling All Chemists

Chemists and chemical engineers will be providing the thousands of technologies needed to achieve a more sustainable world.

Biofuels, Batteries, And Solar Cells: The Future Of Driving

Plug-in hybrid vehicles offer the possibility of running on a combination of low carbon emissions and carbon-free electricity. Web Exclusive

The Haber-Bosch Reaction: An Early Chemical Impact On Sustainability

Ammonia production helped boost global agriculture but also led to unsustainable population growth. Web Exclusive

Sticks and Carrots

From individuals to international governmental bodies, moving toward sustainability requires policy.

It's In The Bag

The case of paper versus plastic.

Individual Effort

One famous man's drive toward personal sustainability.

News of the Week

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Chemical company know-how enables new equipment and buildings.

VX Destroyed At Newport Depot

Controversial neutralization of nerve agent at Indiana site is complete.

Using Yeast To Make Alkaloids

Large part of benzylisoquinoline pathway reconstructed in yeast.

Amplifying Small Molecules

Supramolecular complex generates target compounds in PCR-like cascade reaction.

Web Tools

ACS launches social networking site for chemical professionals.

Icahn Boosts Biotech Activity

Dealmaker moves on several fronts to shake up the drug industry.

Biomass Combo

Producing bioplastic in switchgrass boosts the plant's value as a cellulosic feedstock.

Protein Folding

Molecular crowding causes disease protein to change shape.

Power Play

Battery maker to test waters with a 'clean technology' stock offering.

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» Business

August 18, 2008

Agriculture Saves Chemical Earnings

In the second quarter, high costs take their toll on chemical industry earnings and profits.

Cloudy Forecast For Big Pharma

Second-quarter results are good, but companies' ability to maintain growth is uncertain.

Productivity Lag Hits Biotech Results

Second-quarter sales reflected the lack of new products from big firms.

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» Government & Policy

August 18, 2008

Battle Over Hazmat Liability

Proposal would shift bulk of risk to manufacturers of toxic chemicals.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

August 18, 2008

Recognizing A Pioneer

Chemist-historians uncover the stereochemistry contributions—and idiosyncrasies—of a little-known Italian scientist.

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