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Volume 86, Number 36: September 8, 2008

Cover Story

A Chemical Map Of The Mind

Targeted radiotracers help drugmakers navigate the neurological landscape by positron emission tomography.

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News of the Week

Telomerase Component's Structure Solved

Catalytic subunit forms doughnut.

Huntsman Pushes For Hexion Deal

Company lines up $500 million in cash, but Hexion scoffs.

Methanobactin Redux

Revised structure reported for copper-binding peptide.

Solar Suppliers Get Busy

Growth of photovoltaic market drives demand for raw materials.

California Chemical Legislation

State's new laws on chemicals could presage federal action.

A Catalytic Merger

Marriage of photoredox catalysis and organocatalysis creates new enantioselective reaction.

U.S. Investigates Bayer Plant Blast

Federal officials look for cause of fatal explosion.

Broad Institute Lands Big Gift

Philanthropists commit an additional $400 million to endow biomedical research institute.

Gustav Pummels LSU

Hurricane shuts down power, downs trees on campus.


Communities Of Practice

This year's education supplement looks at green chemistry curricula.

The Ivory Tower Goes Green

Green chemistry is transforming the curriculum.

Rocky Mountain Green

News from the sixth annual ACS Summer School on Sustainability & Green Chemistry.

Staying Alive

A cadre of scientists is trying to revitalize the nuclear and radiochemistry fields.

Small-Scale Chemistry

Primarily undergraduate institutions provide students with a quality chemistry education.

A Purposeful Break

Recharge your academic career—and your life—with a sabbatical.

ACS News

Election Statements

Candidates for ACS president-elect and directors share their views and goals.


Thermodynamics Extended

Far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics is at the heart of many real systems and processes.

The Departments




» Business

September 8, 2008

To Catch A Cheat

Clinical chemists battle products designed to fool workplace drug tests.

A Nutty Chemical

Naturally occurring phenol compounds in cashew shells are becoming increasingly useful to industry.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

September 8, 2008

Political Climate Change

New U.S. president will be in tight spot as world negotiates new treaty.

Irradiation Of Lettuce & Spinach

Critics fear rule will reduce nutritional value of food, hinder efforts to improve unsanitary practices.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

September 8, 2008

Trees Testify To Pollution

Tree rings help scientists trace the source and timing of chemical leaks and spills in the environment.

Student Suspected Of Making Meth

UC Merced grad student allegedly stole from university to synthesize illegal drug.

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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