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Volume 86, Number 38: September 22, 2008

Cover Story

Resetting Priorities

The already challenging path to an HIV vaccine takes a hard turn after recent clinical trials.

Antiretroviral Agents May Help Avoid Infection

New Antiretrovirals

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News of the Week

BASF Seeks To Acquire Ciba

If completed, $5.5 billion deal will advance BASF's quest for specialty chemical operations.

Debating Science

Chemistry council, toxicologist clash at House panel hearing on scientific peer reviews.

European Reunion

Association of European chemists convenes in Italy.

Texas Weathers Ike

Many chemical plants, academic institutions remain shut down in hurricane's wake.

Electron Microscopy

Method images individual hydrocarbon chains diffusing through pores.

BPA Linked To Health Problems

Chemical tied to higher risk of heart disease.

Confusion Reigns On Energy Bills

Election-year politics clash with energy policy.

Antibiotic Ideas

Studies advocate blocking cell-division protein, essential metabolic pathway.

Biobased Isoprene

Goodyear and Genencor seek a fermentation route to important synthetic rubber raw material.


Chemistry Teachers Get Schooled

Conference provides forum for new and seasoned educators to swap ideas.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Petition on membership categories & requirements.

Reel Science


Igor Web Exclusive

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» Business

September 22, 2008

Preferred Contracts

Custom manufacturers of pharmaceutical actives and intermediates vie for a position in new big pharma supply chains.

Entrepreneurship Emerges in Japan

A handful of Japanese venture capital firms invest in local high-tech start-ups.

Season In The Sun

Strong year for European agrochemical producers is overshadowed by impending legislation.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

September 22, 2008

Pharma Recalculates

Drug companies reverse course and boost donations to Democrats.

Tests Of Endocrine Disruptors Delayed

After more than a decade, EPA's program has not begun screening a single chemical.

Stopping The Bombs

JIEDDO moves fast to get technology to the field to stop improvised explosive devices.

Buying Time For Earth's Climate

Curbs on black carbon, smog may be best short-term plan, report says.

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» Science & Technology

September 22, 2008

Near-IR Imaging Goes Further

New dyes open door to biomedical applications of near-IR imaging.

Hybrid Polymers For Healing Voices

Elastin mimics could help grow new vocal cords. With Video

Sniffing Out Cancer

Alterations in volatile chemicals emitted by humans could be used as biomarkers to diagnose the disease.

New Prostate Cancer Agent Class

Rational design leads to novel drug candidate, now in clinical trials.

Speeding Up Computations

Code harnesses graphics processors for faster chemical calculations.

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