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Volume 86, Number 42: October 20, 2008

Cover Story

Superconductivity Rekindles

Recent discovery of new high-temperature superconductors revitalizes search for practical materials.

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News of the Week

Cell-Wall Set Point

Closely related bacterial enzymes make cell-wall polymers of varying lengths.

Huntsman Is On A Roll

Legal victories appear to be forcing Hexion into a corner.

Questioning FDA On Bisphenol A

Chair of review panel is under scrutiny for possible conflict of interest.

Origin-Of-Life Chemistry Revisited

Reanalysis of famous spark-discharge experiments reveals a richer collection of amino acids were formed.

Chemical Firms Brace Investors For Bad News

Man-made and natural disasters haunt earnings.

Spotting Nascent Protein Crystals

Optical technique reduces background noise and could cut screening times and costs.

Pollution In China

Residents oppose another p-xylene project.


Podcasts Gain A Science Audience

Appealing, informal, and free, these digital programs connect with science groups' members and the public.

Constructive Criticism

Science radio show host offers opinion about ACS's podcasts.


Being a Scientist and a Mother

A collection of insightful essays by several generations of women scientist-mothers.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Diversity in science.

ACS Lauds Heroes Of Chemistry

Three teams, two individuals honored for contributions to human and environmental health.

ACS Journal Presents Proteomics Award

ACS At FLAQ 2008

Chemistry Olympiad Mentors Wanted

The Departments




» Business

October 20, 2008

Pharma Sector Ponders Recession

Contract manufacturers at CPhI see constraints and opportunities in a difficult market.

Farm In A Lab

In the heart of Europe, BASF turns to genetic engineering to increase crop yields.

New Route To Treat Diabetes

Glucokinase activators in development show promise as an alternative for diabetics.

Microreactors Hit The Major Leagues

Suppliers of microreactor technology aim beyond specialty niches at industrial markets.

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» Government & Policy

October 20, 2008

U.S. Solar Energy Heats Up

Infusion of tax breaks and venture capital may jolt underutilized energy source to prominence.

Bad Air Coming

States, utilities, Congress struggle with court's move to overturn cuts in power plants' emissions.

C&EN Talks With: William S. Rees Jr.

Chemist is at the helm of Defense Department's basic research office.

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» Science & Technology

October 20, 2008

Probing Hazards Of Nanomaterials

Two new centers will orchestrate studies of possible biological and environmental effects.

Molecular-Scale Lithography

Advances in block copolymer self-assembly may lead to applications in microelectronics.

Digital Briefs

New software and websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

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