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Volume 86, Number 44: November 3, 2008

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Special Issue: Employment Outlook
Thinking Creatively About Work

Economic turmoil points to a hazy outlook; a little imagination can open up job opportunities.

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Special Issue: Employment Outlook

Thinking Creatively About Work

Economic turmoil points to a hazy outlook; a little imagination can open up job opportunities.

A Tough Job Market Looms

It's business as usual for now; the future is less certain.

Human Capital

Talent management is critical to recruiting.

Entrepreneurial Trailblazers

Women build businesses around their passion for science.

Extreme Chemistry

Chemists working in extreme environments mix science with adventure. With Video

International Internships

Research opportunities abroad offer students unique opportunities for career development, personal growth, and intercultural exchange.

Cultural Confusion

Working abroad is fraught with difficulties, but it is also rewarding.

News of the Week

A Mixed Third Quarter

Chemical makers struggle with high costs and hurricanes.

NF3 Measured in Air

Levels of the greenhouse gas exceed industry's estimates.

Dow Contests Pesticide Ban

Company accuses Quebec of prohibiting 2,4-D without scientific basis.

Gates Supports Health Explorers

Foundation awards novel approaches to health problems.

Sequestering CO2

Pressure grows for greater haste in setting up trial projects at coal-fired facilities.

New Material For Data Storage

Spin-transition compounds prove amenable to nanoscale processing.

Huntsman-Hexion Deal Off Again

Banks that were to finance merger deal won't provide loans to make it happen.

Plugging Along

Design advances improve spatial and temporal resolution of plug-based devices.

Risks Of Bisphenol A

FDA's draft assessment of the controversial chemical is inadequate, a new report says.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Putting a human face on chemistry: Presidential call to arms.

Official Reports from the Philadelphia Meeting

The Departments



» Business

November 3, 2008

Lilly Drops An Anchor In Shanghai

Senior scientists staff new office coordinating R&D in China.

Insights: Come Together

A funding initiative for cancer research taps into a game-shifting trend toward collaboration.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

November 3, 2008


Chemical sector faces uncertainty about how to protect critical information.

Biological Sciences Standards

NIST looks to help make biosciences measurements uniform.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

November 3, 2008

Seeking An Eternal Solution

Fluorinated fluid is the protagonist of an ongoing experiment in preserving biological specimens.

A Hero Preserved In Brandy

C&EN Talks With: Esther S. Takeuchi

Industrial battery chemist-turned-professor conveys lessons learned.

Academic R&D Spending Trends

Spending on chemical research and on science and engineering as a whole rose a moderate 4.3% in 2006.

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