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Volume 87, Number 09: March 2, 2009

Cover Story

Graphene: Carbon As Thin As Can Be

Surprising mechanical, structural, and electronic properties of one-atom-thin sheets grab widespread attention. With Video

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News of the Week

Climate Change, Energy Priorities

President links issues to nation's economic future as Congress takes action.

European Earnings

Fourth quarter sinks annual results.

Spending Bill Advances

Science agencies' funding rises in 2009 appropriations.

Skeleton Key May Defuse Flu

Antibodies bind a flu protein nook common to many viral strains. With Video

Fertilizer Makers' Urge To Merge

Agrium bids $3.6 billion for CF Industries, which had offered to buy Terra Industries for $2.1 billion.

Drug Combo Kills Resistant TB

Inhibitor and antibiotic work together against tuberculosis.

EPA Must Rethink Air Standard

Agency failed to explain why particulates limit protects health, court says.

Abu Dhabi Firm Agrees To Buy Nova

Deal allows Canadian chemical company to live on.

Quitting Quicksilver

Countries agree to start talks to control the metal globally.


This week C&EN Online features several videos, they are highlighted here

Flexible Future

Manufacturers are working to incorporate raphene-based electronic components conductivity when flexed and stretched, such as the one depcited in a future-concept video.

Evidence Of Injustice

"60 Minutes" explores injustice of the FBI's bullet-lead analysis.


Scientists have discovered that directing monoclonal antibodies to the stalk or stem of the influenza vierus prevents a key conformational change, demonstrated in this video.


Instilling Scholarly Integrity

Project will develop models for integrating responsible conduct of research into graduate education.

ACS News

ACS Comment

New opportunities for divisions.

ACS Supports Out-Of-Work Members

Society offers discounts and programs to aid its unemployed members.

ACS President Thomas H. Lane Presents The Seven Cs Of Career Success

237th ACS National Meeting

237th ACS National Meeting

Highlights, grids, and exposition info for Salt Lake City, on March 22-26.

The Departments



» Business

March 2, 2009

Mergers Retreat From Heights

Tight credit, lack of demand dampen once-hot deal market.

Word From On High

Top officials chart the future of Europe's chemical industry.

Smaller World, Safer Packages

A new chemical labeling system gets international support.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

March 2, 2009

An Influential Body

Board on Chemical Sciences & Technology provides expert advice based on good science. With Video

Board's Report Leads To Overturn Of Murder Conviction

Funding For America Competes Act

Stimulus package directly allocates nearly $5.2 billion to physical science agencies key to U.S. competitiveness.

Push For Energy Technology

DOE Secretary Steven Chu stresses science role for agency. Web Exclusive

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

March 2, 2009

Camera Shy

ACS cracks down on unauthorized photography at meetings.

What's That Stuff? Synthetic Grass

Carpet's cousin is rooted in relatively simple chemistry. Web Exclusive

Science & Technology Concentrates

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