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Volume 87, Number 14: April 6, 2009

Cover Story

Hope In A Pill

A crop of small-molecule drugs in development could double the treatment options for people with multiple sclerosis in coming years.

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News of the Week

Dealing with CO2

Technologies to capture greenhouse gas advance.

Climate-Change Bill Introduced

Draft legislation launches House debate on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Virus Power

Genetically engineered virus fabricates lithium-ion battery's cathode.

How To Avoid Misconduct

National Academies book guides young researchers in responsible behavior.

BP Top Scientist Nominated For DOE Post

Koonin tapped to head Energy Department's Office of Science.

Takeda Elevates U.S. Operations

U.S. division takes lead in bringing new drugs to market.

Low-Cost Iron For Fuel Cells

New synthetic route produces highly active non-precious-metal catalysts.

Better Bisphosphonates

Lipophilic compound kills more cancer than traditional analog.

Priestley House May Be Shuttered

Pennsylvania state budget cuts could cease operation of ACS Historic Chemical Landmark.


Spin-Offs From University Science

Guidance for academics on how to create high-tech companies.

ACS News

ACS Comment

The changing face of ACS.

Scenes From The ACS Meeting In Salt Lake City

A photo spread and slideshow of the 237th National Meeting.


Expatriate Programs

As recessionary forces grip the globe, firms cut the fat from international staffing plans.

The Departments



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» Business

April 6, 2009

Sun's Warmth Cushions Wacker

Polysilicon for solar panels proved to be strong performer for German company in 2008, but other units suffered.

The Gasoline Wars

Oil companies use additive packages to help their fuels stand out from the crowd.

DCAT Week Ennui

Too much defense and not enough offense at drug industry event. Web Exclusive

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

April 6, 2009

Biosimilars Debate

Rival bills in Congress differ in how long innovators can enjoy market exclusivity.

A Climate of Change

Diplomats begin working out new global treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Web Exclusive

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

April 6, 2009

Genes Take A Back Seat

Epigenetics, the molecular framework that controls genes' expression, takes its cues from both nature and nurture.

The First Four

The founding generation of epigenetics-based drugs combine promise and peril. Web Exclusive

Orchestrating Genetic Expression

Epigenetic modifications alter chromatin landscape, turn genes on and off. Web Exclusive

Peptides Promote Health

Derived from food products, these protein fragments could hold cancer, obesity, and other disorders at bay.

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