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Volume 87, Number 17: April 27, 2009

Cover Story

Cellulosic Ethanol

DOE-funded alternative fuel projects hit roadblocks, from securing feedstock to finding a ready market.

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News of the Week

Shaping Policy On Climate Change

Auctioning versus giving away emission allowances remains unsettled.

Funding Stem Cell Research

NIH releases guidelines for funding embryonic stem cell research, which some researchers say are too restrictive.

New Molecules In Space

Discovery of two complex compounds hints at more chemical diversity lurking in space.

Chemical Earnings Continue To Slide

Companies cut to the bone to counter shrinking demand.

Ultra-Long Range Molecules

Rubidium dimers have 100-nm bond lengths.

Security Dispute Reaches Congress

Bayer admits using security law to block public access to chemical accident information.

FDA Warns Heparin Makers

Two Chinese firms get letters reinforcing agency's scrutiny of faulty products.

Expanding The RNA Roster

Chemical screen finds new small molecule-RNA conjugates.

GSK Will Acquire Skin Care Firm Stiefel

Purchase continues British drug company's diversification drive.


Spectacular Scientific Talks

Science may be complex, but presentations should be clear, concise, and well-timed.

Reel Science

THX 1138

Revisit George Lucas' 1971 vision of a dystopian future—a sterile world run by an omnipresent government committed to efficiency and control at any priceā€”in "THX 1138."

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» Business

April 27, 2009

Back From China

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical chemicals and related goods is starting to trickle back to the U.S.

REACH Enters A New Phase

Companies worldwide join forces to fill in data gaps for registration of chemicals in Europe.

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» Government & Policy

April 27, 2009

U.S. Trade Policy Shifts

Enforcement of trade rules is Administration's top priority.

Energy And Weapons

Nuclear weapons labs should Ramp up energy R&D but continue stockpile, nonproliferation work, new secretary says.

Redefining Funding

Changing funding formulas in the U.K. worry scientists.

'Natural' Foods

Fuzzy and inconsistent food-labeling policies cause confusion, misuse of the term.

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» Science & Technology

April 27, 2009

Curtain Rises On Potential Drugs

ACS Meeting News: Medicinal chemists disclose candidates for treating neurological, metabolic, and other disorders.

Enzymes' Many Movements

ACS Meeting News: Controversy exists over whether motions at various timescales contribute to catalytic efficiency.

Perfecting Solid-Catalyst Synthesis

ACS Meeting News: Researchers strive to devise methods that provide molecular-scale control. With Videos

Automated Glycan Synthesis

ACS Meeting News: Advances could make oligosaccharides more accessible for study.

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