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Volume 87, Number 19: May 11, 2009

Cover Story

Europe's Beauty Race

Cosmetics makers worry they won't meet the 2013 deadline for new European Union safety-testing regulations.

Novel Ingredients Spread Across InCosmetics

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News of the Week

Budget Boosts R&D Support

President's fiscal 2010 budget provides gains across science agencies.

Pandemic Readiness

Drug and vaccine makers prepare for a more virulent strain of H1N1.

Business Groups Oppose Tax Hikes

Obama says tax code encourages shift of jobs overseas.

Negligence Caused UCLA Death

State safety and health agency faults university for training lapses, unsafe practices.

Supporting Biofuels

President Obama wants U.S. leadership; EPA works on life-cycle analysis.

New Way To Protect Unstable Boron Reagents

Masked boronates make 2-pyridyl coupling possible.

Signs Of Stress

Polymers indicate imminent failure by changing color.

Biotech Outlook

As access to most types of capital disappears, industry consolidation is likely in 2009.

The Departments




» Business

May 11, 2009

Cash Flows From China's Water

In this highly populated, rapidly industrializing country, water purification is becoming a big business.

Keeping Hands Off

Roche lets Genentech's R&D run free as it integrates the biotech powerhouse.

Energy For Growth

Downplaying an insurgency, Pakistani chemical firm Engro has big plans for expansion.

A Minnow Jumps Out

Small contract development firm Recipharm wants to swim with the big fish.

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» Government & Policy

May 11, 2009

Runaway Reactions

Bayer accident details reach public as safety board, Congress release preliminary investigation results.

Shaping Regulation

President Obama plans to issue a new directive for federal agencies.

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» Science & Technology

May 11, 2009

Extreme C–C Bonds

Highly strained cyclopropane-based molecules help chemists refine ideas about chemical bonding.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and business news for the laboratory world.

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