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Volume 87, Number 21: May 25, 2009

Cover Story

Cloud Computing

As data storage and processing needs increase, big pharma looks to companies offering these services over the Internet.

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» Genomics Instrumentation

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News of the Week

House Committee Clears Cap-And-Trade Bill

Climate change legislation sets CO2 emissions limit, leading to 83% cut in 2050.

Onyx Sues Bayer

Small firm claims big partner stole drug.

Up In The Clouds

In situ measurements confirm presence of biomaterial in ice crystals.

Sobering BIO

The financial crisis meant fewer attendees at the biotech industry's annual meeting.

Martian Views

New studies bolster the case for the former presence of liquid water.

DNA In Another Dimension

3-D construction technique creates a wealth of structures.

Harry Gray Wins Welch Award

Caltech professor recognized for achievement in basic research.

New Structure Revisits History

Enzyme played key role in World War I and history of enzymology.

Coca-Cola's Biobased Bottles

Ethylene glycol in new Dasani water bottles will be derived from sugar and molasses.


The Conservation Movement

Book is a biography of John Muir, one of nature's greatest champions.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Finding the right yardsticks for evaluating future energy sources

ACS Introduces A New Journal

Society's family of physical chemistry publications will gain a letters journal

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» Business

May 25, 2009

Catalyst For Change

Eyeing the end of the recession, Süd-Chemie looks to advanced technologies for growth.

Research Resurrection

A Rutgers biochemist revives a World War II-era antimalarial research project.

China Takes Lead In Acetic Acid

Foreign and domestic producers ramp up capacity in what they bill as the world's most dynamic market.

Rushing To Market

Investing heavily, Russian initiative hopes to catch up in nanotechnology commercialization.

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» Government & Policy

May 25, 2009

Brighter Times For Federal R&D

Obama's first budget affirms his support for science, particularly in the areas of energy and climate change.

FDA Gets Funding Boost For 2010

President requests new money to beef up food and drug safety.

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» Science & Technology

May 25, 2009

Silver Lining In Melamine Crisis

Deadly adulteration of Chinese milk drives development of analytical methods to detect contaminant in food products.

Better Safeguards For The Food Supply

Scientists fill out their toolbox of protein assays to avoid another melamine crisis.

Insights: Patently Ignorant

For graduate students, it pays to pay attention to patent rights.

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

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