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Electronic Chemicals
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Quote of the Week

"The economics suggest that it is much more affordable to capture CO2 than was previously thought."

July 13, 2009

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Cover Story

Electronic Chemicals

Despite a drop in business, makers of electronic materials strengthen product research and development efforts. (pp. 10-14)


Chemicals To Help Coal Come Clean (Member Content)

Scrubbing methods to capture carbon from power plants are advancing to the demonstration phase. (pp. 18-20)

Government & Policy

Good News For Science Budgets (Member Content)

House and Senate are on track to boost funds at several science agencies in 2010. (pp. 23-25)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Francis Collins To Direct NIH p. 5

President Obama picks former genome institute leader for top spot.

BASF To Cut Jobs p. 6

Layoffs of 3,700 workers are part of plan to integrate Ciba.

Big Role For Tiny Impurity p. 6

Trace copper influences some iron catalysis.

Recession Hits Chemical Workers p. 7

Production cutbacks are to blame for loss of 41,300 jobs.

Novartis' Patent Case in India p. 7

For the third time, an Indian court has ruled that Novartis' patent on the cancer drug Gleevec is not valid in India.

J&J Bets With Elan p. 8

Alzheimer's investment helps small firm survive.

Guiding Stem Cell Research p. 8

NIH finalizes steps to ensure ethical and responsible work.

Ultrafast EELS p. 9

Extreme version of electron energy loss spectroscopy probes bonding dynamics.

Perkin Medal Goes To Richard Silverman p. 9

Northwestern chemist honored for contributions to medicinal chemistry.


Chemicals To Help Coal Come Clean pp. 18-20 (Member Content)

Scrubbing methods to capture carbon from power plants are advancing to the demonstration phase.

C&EN Talks With Felek Jachimowicz p. 21 (Member Content)

W.R. Grace R&D executive heads for China in search of business opportunities.

Business Concentrates pp. 16-17 (Member Content)

  • Downturn Forces Shutdowns
  • Four firms are advancing plans to shut down chemical plants because of the economic slowdown...
  • Wacker Realignment Will Reduce Jobs
  • Wacker Chemie is making changes in its silicon wafer and silicones businesses that will eliminate nearly 800 jobs by the end of 2010...
  • Australian Firm Advances Urea Plan
  • Australia's Perdaman Chemicals & Fertilisers has lined up technology providers for a $2.7 billion urea plant it plans to build in Western Australia...
  • Curtains To Storm Damage
  • Recently approved for use in Florida's hurricane-prone Dade and Broward Counties, roll-down curtains made with Honeywell's Spectra ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber are able to protect windows from debris...
  • Asahi And Teijin Dissolve Venture
  • Asahi Kasei and Teijin Fibers plan to dissolve their Solotex polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) joint venture by March 2010...
  • NatureWorks Ups PLA Capacity
  • NatureWorks has installed equipment that will allow its Blair, Neb., plant to double polymer output to its full design capacity of 140,000 metric tons per year...
  • GE Reveals OLED Design Concepts
  • General Electric is working with design students from the Cleveland Institute of Art to create lighting applications for flexible, thin, organic light-emitting diodes...
  • EC To Intensify Pharma Scrutiny
  • The European Commission says it will intensify its scrutiny of anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly practices that hinder the introduction of low-cost generic drugs...
  • Pfizer Abandons New R&D Site
  • Pfizer has jettisoned plans to move roughly 100 employees into a new R&D space in San Francisco's Mission Bay area...
  • Novavax In Vaccine Deal With Rovi
  • Novavax is licensing its recombinant virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccine technology to Madrid-based Rovi Pharmaceuticals for the development of vaccines under an $83 million program sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Health...
  • Biogen, Acorda To Develop Fampridine
  • Biogen Idec is expanding its portfolio of multiple sclerosis drugs through a deal with Acorda Therapeutics...
  • Novasep Buys Belgium-Based Henogen
  • Novasep, a Pompey, France-based maker of active pharmaceutical ingredients and purification technologies, has expanded its bioprocess development services through the acquisition of Henogen...
  • MedImmune Licenses Engineered Proteases
  • Catalyst Biosciences has signed a research and licensing agreement with AstraZeneca's MedImmune biologics unit to develop novel engineered proteases that degrade or modulate two disease targets...
  • Business Roundup
  • Praxair, Myriant Technologies, Lanxess, MorphoSys and Novartis, Santhera Pharmaceuticals, Optimata, International Petroleum Investment Co...

ACS Comment

ACS Wants You To Go To Capitol Hill p. 34 (Member Content)

Government & Policy

Good News For Science Budgets pp. 23-25 (Member Content)

House and Senate are on track to boost funds at several science agencies in 2010.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 22 (Member Content)

  • G-8 Leaders Endorse Greenhouse Gas Cuts
  • Negotiations on a new global climate-change treaty got a political boost last week from the Group of Eight nations...
  • Chemistry Products Reduce Emissions
  • Worldwide, chemical industry products reduced emissions of greenhouse gases far more than the emissions generated in making these products...
  • Shippers Sue Over Railroad Liability
  • Chemical shippers are asking the U.S. district court in Utah to block an effort by Union Pacific Railroad to shift the financial risk to shippers...
  • Bottled Water Under Scrutiny
  • The Government Accountability Office has found key differences between EPA's regulation of tap water and FDA's regulation of bottled water...
  • Environmental Health Tracking Tool
  • The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has launched a Web-based surveillance tool to track exposures to environmental pollutants and chronic health conditions...


Embracing 'Mad Science' pp. 32-33

Book details often thrilling yet dangerous experiments that can spark a child's interest in science.


Dual Symposia On Fluorine Chemistry p. 35 (Member Content)

Combined conference slated for Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming.

Science & Technology

Organic Smorgasbord pp. 28-30 (Member Content)

Biennial meeting celebrates the breadth of cutting-edge research in organic chemistry.

Periodic Table Settings Web Exclusive

A visual artist and a wordsmith conjure a periodic table like no other.

Digital Briefs p. 31 (Member Content)

New software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 26-27 (Member Content)

  • Rapamycin Life Extension
  • The immunosuppressant drug that prevents rejection of transplanted organs has been discovered to extend the life span of mice
  • Lone Bacterium Forms A Quorum
  • Confined to a microfluidic droplet, a single microbe can be fooled into sending out chemical signals to initiate quorum-sensing behavior
  • Bottom-Up Graphene
  • Chemical self-assembly method operating under mild conditions yields single-layer carbon sheets in gram-scale quantities
  • Frustrated Couple Settles For Gases
  • Lewis acid-base pair held apart by their substituents finds a way to reversibly trap N2O and CO2 for possible storage or reaction chemistry
  • Chemical Taste Bud Reveals Sweet Truth
  • Nanoporous pigments arrayed in a disposable colorimetric sensor can identify different sugar and artificial sweetener products
  • Chemical Nose Sniffs Out Cancer
  • An array of nanoparticle-polymer sensors can detect different types of cancer cells by sniffing out their physicochemical properties
  • Dendritic Chain Reaction Drives Signal Amplification
  • Non-PCR method based on dendrimer self-destruction amplifies the signal of biological and nonbiological analytes for diagnostic tests
  • New Class Of Drugs For Avian Flu
  • Saponin derivatives that prevent the H5N1 virus from entering its host cells could serve as a novel class of avian flu remedy

The Departments

Letters pp. 2-4 (Member Content)

Newscripts p. 40

Work-And-Play Fabric, Translucent Concrete

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