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Outsourcing R&D
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Quote of the Week

"If you ask me how they do it, I could not tell you—not until my dog learns to speak and tells me how."

October 12, 2009

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Cover Story

Shipping Drug R&D Abroad

Rise of foreign drug discovery services providers coincides with restructuring of R&D at major pharmaceutical firms. (pp. 16-23)

Government & Policy

Federal R&D Funding (Member Content)

Budget for 2010 gets moving after slow start; most research funding is up. (pp. 38-39)

Science & Technology

Fluorine With A Flourish (Member Content)

Rocky Mountains provide a unique venue for a joint conference on a unique element. (pp. 45-49)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Nobel Prize In Chemistry Nobel Prize In Physics Reactive Dications Tamed Redesigning Silk Celebrating Chemistry

Nobel Prize In Chemistry p. 9

Awards: Structural biologists who revealed ribosome's structure and function get the nod.

Nobel Prize In Medicine p. 10

Awards: Three honored for unraveling the role of a chromosome protector in cell division.

Nobel Prize In Physics p. 11

Awards: Revolutionary optical technologies take this year's honor.

Obama Supports Technology Mandate p. 11

Plant Security: Administration endorses requirement for safer technologies in chemical security bill.

Chemist Charged With Crime p. 12

Intellectual Property: Fired DuPont chemist is hit with second suit charging he stole trade secrets.

Reactive Dications Tamed p. 12

Main-Group Chemistry: Stabilizing positive charge with three nitrogen atoms yields stable group 16 complexes.

Unions Criticize Safety Board Again p. 13

Investigation: Panel's report on 2008 oleum release lacks teeth, unions say.

Redesigning Silk p. 13

Materials: Reprocessing confers spider-silk qualities on silkworm silk.

Celebrating Chemistry p. 14

National Chemistry Week: This year's theme is the periodic table of the elements.

Kraton To Go Public p. 14

Materials firm plans to raise up to $230 million with initial public offering of stock.


Chemicals From Biorefineries pp. 28-29 (Member Content)

Alternative fuels and industrial chemicals from a single source are still a long way off.

New Challenge For An Old Plant pp. 30-32 (Member Content)

A former Merck manufacturing site is being recast as the contract manufacturer Cherokee Pharmaceuticals.

C&EN Talks With Marijn E. Dekkers p. 34 (Member Content)

The Thermo Fisher CEO is getting another big promotion: the top job at Bayer.

Business Concentrates pp. 25-26 (Member Content)

  • Recovery Seen In Europe
  • The European chemical industry is showing tentative signs of economic recovery, but it is threatened by two European Union legislative initiatives...
  • Sigma-Aldrich Strikes Two Agreements
  • Sigma-Aldrich has become the exclusive distributor of cell lines modified with zinc-finger DNA-binding proteins for use in commercial pharmaceutical protein production...
  • Solvay Venture Plans Peroxide In China
  • Solvay has formed a 50-50 joint venture with China’s Huatai Group that will build a hydrogen peroxide plant at Huatai’s new site in Dongying, Shandong province, China...
  • Dow Unveils Solar Shingle
  • Dow Chemical displayed its line of Power­house solar shingles at an event in Midland, Mich., last week...
  • Wacker Exits Solar Wafer Business
  • Wacker Chemie is exiting the business of making polysilicon wafers for solar cells by transferring its shares in the Wacker Schott Solar joint venture to its partner, Schott Solar...
  • Amyris Raises Funds For Commercial Plant
  • Amyris Biotechnologies has raised $41.75 million in a round of venture capital funding...
  • Gas Firms Win Deals In China And Taiwan
  • Air Liquide will spend $19 million to build new facilities to deliver nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, and specialty gases to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp...
  • Ferratec Scales Up Potassium Ferrate
  • Ferratec and research partner Electrosynthesis have scaled up a process invented by industrial research organization Battelle to manufacture potassium ferrate...
  • Evonik Forms Glass Venture In Taiwan
  • Evonik Industries has set up a joint venture with the Taiwanese firm Cristal Materials to produce lenses for light-emitting diodes...
  • Former InterMune CEO Convicted Of Fraud
  • W. Scott Harkonen, CEO of InterMune from February 1998 through June 2003, was convicted in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California...
  • Kaneka Teams Up For Drug Delivery
  • Japan’s Kaneka has formed a joint venture with MedRx, a research and development firm based on the Japanese island of Shikoku that is developing ionic-liquid-based systems for delivering drugs through the skin...
  • Carbogen, Nextpharma Link Drug Services
  • Carbogen Amcis and NextPharma Technologies are forming an alliance...
  • Arigene Will Merge With Trimeris
  • South Korea’s Arigene will acquire Tri­meris through an $81 million stock offering...
  • Business Roundup
  • W.R. Grace Synalloy, Novolyte Technologies, Osmose, The European Commission, Bicycle Therapeutics, GlaxoSmithKline and Jiangsu Walvax Biotech Co., Adimab...


The Age Of Wonder

It's A Small World After All pp. 57-58

Book gives a graphic presentation of the microbial world.

ACS News

ACS Landmarks Laud Pennsylvania Oil Industry p. 60 (Member Content)

Two landmarks are designated to celebrate 150 years of oil refining in the state

A Week Of Green Chemistry In Colorado p. 61 (Member Content)

ACS Building Is So Green It's Gold p. 62 (Member Content)

Priestley House Reopens For Weekend Tours pp. 62-63 (Member Content)

ACS National Meeting Talks Now Online p. 63 (Member Content)

Chemists Among Senior Olympianoids p. 63 (Member Content)

Correction: Makeup Of Elected Council Committees For 2010. p. 63 (Member Content)

Government & Policy

Federal R&D Funding pp. 38-39 (Member Content)

Budget for 2010 gets moving after slow start; most research funding is up.

Chemical Biology Teamwork pp. 40-41 (Member Content)

National Cancer Institute launches consortium to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 36 (Member Content)


Awards p. 64 (Member Content)

ACS Announces Inaugural Teva USA Scholars p. 64 (Member Content)

Nominations For Morley Medal p. 64 (Member Content)

Kenneth Spencer Award Goes To George Lahm p. 64 (Member Content)

Seeberger And Stoltz Win Young Investigator Awards p. 64 (Member Content)

Anton Hopfinger Is Newest Herman Skolnik Awardee p. 64 (Member Content)

Obituaries pp. 65-66 (Member Content)

Science & Technology

Fluorine With A Flourish pp. 45-49 (Member Content)

Rocky Mountains provide a unique venue for a joint conference on a unique element.

You Smell pp. 50-54

All of us have our very own odorprint, and scientists are hot on its trail.

Insights: Chatting Up Chemistry p. 55

Chemists: Junk the jargon so that you can share your passion with those outside of the chemistry choir.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 43-44 (Member Content)

Editor's Page

Ardi And Us p. 3

The Departments

Letters pp. 4-7

Newscripts p. 72

How To Silk A Spider, Preventing Space-Dust Damage

This Week Online

Reel Science


Reel Science steps inside a future Earth inhabited by remote-controlled robots.

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Outsourcing is a Key Pathway in the Future of Drug Discovery.

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  • Outsourcing to Asia
  • Balancing cost and quality
  • Pharma's R&D commitment to new drug development
  • Outsourcing market's size and geography

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